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The Gloaming

Angelo & James

A podcast about the future of Gippsland and the people who are creating it, featuring conversations with the region's crepuscular creatures.
TG20: Village-life, localism & the pandemic: a model for resilience (with Morag Gamble)August 18, 2020 Episode artwork TG19: Community & simplicity: the special sauce of resilience (with Rhiannon Nix)April 07, 2020 Episode artwork TG18: Resilience in the time of COVID-19 (with Professor Daniel Aldrich)March 29, 2020 Episode artwork TG17: Toward an adaptive regional strategy (with Jason Alexandra - Part 2)February 19, 2020 Episode artwork TG16: Get messy: regenerative farming (with Jason Alexandra - Part 1)February 18, 2020 Episode artwork TG15: Community, complexity and Warm Data (with Nora Bateson)October 12, 2019 Episode artwork TG14: Changing Gippsland one conversation at a time (with Euan Semple)June 16, 2019 Episode artwork TG13: Cooperatives for a fair & sustainable future (with Dan Musil, Chris Barfoot & Dickie Savva)May 27, 2019 Episode artwork TG12: Art... what is it good for? (with Mark Themann, Rob Robson & Anton Vardy)February 02, 2019 Episode artwork TG11: Vulnerability & fearless leadership (with Corrinne Armour)November 13, 2018 Episode artwork TG10: Social capital: tough ties for tough times (with Professor Daniel Aldrich)October 14, 2018 Episode artwork TG9.5 (BONUS): Reflections on Binary Shift 2018 @ the Hogget Kitchen afterpartySeptember 09, 2018 Episode artwork TG9: Hackers, hustlers & hipsters (with Erika McInerney & Elena Kelareva)September 09, 2018 Episode artwork TG8: Binary Shift 2018 conference - Can you hack it?July 15, 2018 Episode artwork TG7: Weaving a web of stories across GippslandJune 24, 2018 Episode artwork TG6: Connecting soil to plate (Baw Baw Sustainability Festival - Part 2)June 15, 2018 Episode artwork TG5: Powering up with renewables (Baw Baw Sustainability Festival - Part 1)May 24, 2018 Episode artwork TG4: Fortifying our food systems (with Liz Meggetto & Nikki Robinson)March 28, 2018 Episode artwork TG3: With their own two hands (with Leni & Paul Mirams)March 27, 2018 Episode artwork TG2: Cows, courage and collaboration (with Gippsland Jersey)March 26, 2018 Episode artwork TG1: Crisis, resilience & the future of GippslandMarch 25, 2018 Episode artwork