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TG15: Community, complexity and Warm Data (with Nora Bateson)

October 12, 2019 The Gloaming Season 1 Episode 15
The Gloaming
TG15: Community, complexity and Warm Data (with Nora Bateson)
Show Notes

In this episode, James spoke with Nora Bateson, an award-winning filmmaker, writer, systems thinker and driving force behind Warm Data. Nora discusses her work in experimenting with new ways of perceiving the world so that we might find other species of information and new patterns of connection not visible though current methodologies. She calls this information ‘Warm Data’, and explains how ordinary citizens are using Warm Data to build stronger communities.

Nora is visiting Melbourne and Perth in November 2019 to train some of Australia’s first Warm Data Lab hosts. Check out for more information on the course.

About our guest in this episode…

Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and educator, as well as President of the International Bateson Institute, based in Sweden. Her work seeks to answer the question: “How can we improve our perception of the complexity we live within, so we may improve our interaction with the world?”. An international lecturer, researcher and writer, Nora wrote, directed and produced the award-winning documentary, An Ecology of Mind, a portrait of her father, Gregory Bateson. Her work brings the fields of biology, cognition, art, anthropology, psychology, and information technology together into a study of the patterns in ecology of living systems. Her book, Small Arcs of Larger Circles, released by Triarchy Press, UK, 2016 is a revolutionary personal approach to the study of systems and complexity.

If you want to learn more about Nora and her work on Warm Data, check out

Nora also keeps a blog where she shares essays and explorations on complexity and Warm Data.

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