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TG14: Changing Gippsland one conversation at a time (with Euan Semple)

June 16, 2019 The Gloaming Season 1 Episode 14
The Gloaming
TG14: Changing Gippsland one conversation at a time (with Euan Semple)
Show Notes

In this episode, James spoke with Euan Semple during his brief jaunt to Gippsland. Euan is where zen and social media intersect. In a world where public discussions seem increasingly polarised and rage-filled, Euan suggests a more humble, gentle and mindful use of digital communications technologies. He brings a healthy dose of humanity back to the digital realm with his message: the game-changers aren't in connecting things, but in connecting people.

About our guest in this episode…

Euan Semple is an author, speaker, blogger, podcast host and don of digital media. Formerly with the BBC in London, he has helped large organisations around the world to make best use of digital communications technology. Thanks to Jobs Australia and Committee for Gippsland, Euan ventured to the Latrobe Valley recently where he delivered a workshop to local leaders.

If you want to hear more of Euan, check out his TEDx Talk and the podcast he runs with Paolo Valdemarin called State of the Net.

Euan also keeps a brilliant blog where he shares musings and insights on everything from digital tech, zen, and truck-driving.

Stuff we talked about….

James mentioned Explorations in meaning, a video conversation between philosopher-entrepreneur Jordan Hall and psychologist John Vervaeke. Worth a listen if you want to go deep into the sensemaking rabbit hole!

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