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TG9: Hackers, hustlers & hipsters (with Erika McInerney & Elena Kelareva)

September 09, 2018 The Gloaming Season 1 Episode 9
The Gloaming
TG9: Hackers, hustlers & hipsters (with Erika McInerney & Elena Kelareva)
Show Notes

In this episode, Angelo & James continued their conversation with Erika McInerney (Mac & Ernie Social Media Training) and Elena Kelareva (GippsTech), two of the founders of the Binary Shift conference.

Elena and Erika mapped out Gippsland's digital technology and innovation landscape for us - it turns out it doesn't all hinge on ones and zeros, but also some very human skills and connections. We talked all things startups, technology, artificial intelligence and education. We even dabbled in a few robot chicken and paperclip doomsday scenarios. Eeek!

Stuff we talked about in this episode:

Mac & Ernie Social Media Training, Erika's company.

GippsTech, Elena's company.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan and frequent party-goer.

Co-work spaces like ReActivate in Morwell and collocated with Lauren Murphy Photography in Warragul.

Tech education providers including Federation University, Federation Training, and Online is Easy, who run training workshops including to build a website in a day.

ReD Associates, who use a human-centred approach to design and ethnographic methods of collecting data that informs design.

Real Bread by George, a West Gippsland-based artisan sourdough baker and teacher.

Saturn's Childen, a novel by Charles Stross, as recommended by Elena.

KND Services (road maintenance)

Marc-O-Metic (Gippsland artist, Augmented/Virtual Reality Storyteller and Creative Technologist).

Mimetic and robot chickens

Geom Chat, founded by local chatbot developer, Hugo Richard.

DysTech, also a Hugo Richard endeavour, which uses tech to help diagnose dyslexia early.

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