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TG4: Fortifying our food systems (with Liz Meggetto & Nikki Robinson)

March 28, 2018 The Gloaming Season 1 Episode 4
The Gloaming
TG4: Fortifying our food systems (with Liz Meggetto & Nikki Robinson)
Show Notes

Liz Meggetto & Nikki Robinson from the Central West Gippsland Primary Care Partnership join us for a chat about food security in Gippsland, the real price of food, and the many projects underway that are building resilience into our food systems.

Keep up to date with some of Liz and Nikki's efforts to raise awareness of food security and promote the richness of the Baw Baw food bowl by following the Baw Baw Food Movement on Facebook.

Stuff we talked about in this episode:

Curious about food security in Baw Baw? Check of the Central West Gippsland PCP's Food Security Coalition report.

Soil is critical to food security in the long term, yet the UN Food & Agriculture Organization have issued findings indicating that globally we have only 60 years of top soil left.

Meanwhile, some big chain supermarkets continue to throw out unfathomable amounts of food due to consumer cosmetic food standards, according to ABC’s War on Waste (with Craig Reucassel).

What to do with all that waste? Well, Secondbite food bank has some ideas. Just ask the Longwarry & District Lions Club, whose food relief program is working wonders in West Gippsland.

In our discussion about fair prices for food, the ol' two-dollar 2L milk gets the gong while Liz promotes the virtues of new business models like Gippsland Jersey that promote a fair price for the farmer.

Finally, we talk about the importance of food culture in promoting a demand for good food and a distaste for the packaged and processed stuff. But you need a place to join together with your friends and family to enjoy that tucker right? That's where our chat takes a tangent out to Meeniyan Square.

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