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TG3: With their own two hands (with Leni & Paul Mirams)

March 27, 2018 The Gloaming Season 1 Episode 3
The Gloaming
TG3: With their own two hands (with Leni & Paul Mirams)
Show Notes

Leni & Paul Mirams live and breathe the philosophy of being the change you want to see in the world. We spoke with Leni and Paul in their home in Hill End where they are building an off-grid homestead, and doing it in ways that strengthens their connections with community.

Follow Leni & Paul Mirams on Facebook on the Willow Grove Natural Home Garden page.

You can buy fresh veggies and seedlings from Leni & Paul from Warragul Farmers Market (3rd Saturday of every month) or Rokeby Market (2nd Saturday of every month).

Stuff we talked about in this episode:

Learn more about the idea behind nine meals to anarchy and how close the U.K came to the edge in September 2000.

One of Leni and Paul's future collaborations for an on-site self-reliance traineeship program includes working with Hayden, founder of Curvatecture. Hayden is the brains behind the magnificent Willow End Round House.

If you're not growing your own tucker, consider signing up with a local food cooperative to ensure you get the best local produce and help local farmers get a fair price. Cooperatives include the Baw Baw Food Hub in Warragul and the Prom Coast Food Collective.

With land prices hiking quickly in many parts of Gippsland, the SAGE Project from southeast NSW may well be worth emulating. The project partners land-owners with tenant farmers at an affordable rent to ensure that farming remains an economically sustainable business into the future. 

But you don't need to have acres of land to start growing your own. Check out David Holmgren’s latest book, Retrosuburbia, for some great ideas about how you can partner with your neighbours to form your own local, low-input collaborative food production system. 

Maybe you've thought of going off-grid with solar at home? Notch it up and take your whole township off-grid like Yackandandah!

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