Life After Medicine

All The Weird Ways I Made Money Before My Coaching Business Took Off

July 27, 2023 Chelsea Turgeon Season 1 Episode 112
Life After Medicine
All The Weird Ways I Made Money Before My Coaching Business Took Off
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If you’ve ever thought about leaving clinical medicine, but then had a panic attack about “the money” this episode is for you. I'm sharing my personal financial journey and how I was able to make ends meet before my coaching business became my sole income stream

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why It's okay to have multiple income streams
  • How to open yourself up to possibilities and opportunities around HOW you earn money
  • The two most important factors to leverage when creating additional income streams

There's no shortage of ways to make money and put value into the world.

So if you're ready to explore different income sources and hear about my journey, tune in to this episode.

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Hello, my love. I am sitting here for just a straight up solo episode, and it feels like it's been a while since I've done this. I'm really excited for this episode because it's something that's been requested for a while by my clients, by the different people that I work with, and it is highly practical and tangible, and it's really a breakdown of some parts of my story that. I haven't really talked about in great detail but I think it's gonna be something that's so helpful for you. So essentially today I'm gonna talk about all the weird ways I made money online before my coaching business took off. And another way to think about it is essentially like how I paid my bills while I was working on my dream. And it's my exact story and I'm gonna go into so many details of like literally what I did and how much I got paid for this thing and how long I did it, and how I got the job in the first place and all of that. So there's gonna be all of that tangible detail, which is may or may not be relevant to your situation. But what I want you to think about is how you can apply all the general principles. To whatever situation that you are in. And so this is gonna be the perfect episode for you if you are either like thinking about resigning or you haven't, or you have resigned and you're trying to figure out how to start making money. While also working on your purpose, and maybe you don't even know what your purpose is yet, and so maybe you're just looking for that rebound relationship after your current career. Maybe you're not quite ready to get into a full-time position yet, but you need a way to pay the bills. And maybe, yeah, maybe you're still working full-time in medicine and you're not even sure if resigning is something that you wanna do, but hearing this story will help you realize it doesn't have to be this all or nothing journey. I think sometimes we feel really worried about quitting, about turning in our resignation, if that's something that is right for us. We feel worried about doing it because we get really worried about finances and we're like how would I make money if I wasn't doing this? And then we also start. Thinking, okay, I have to go from this one career path to another full career path, and we don't allow ourselves this sort of messy middle. So if you're having this really rigid perfectionistic view of what your career journey needs to look like, this is gonna be helpful for you too because it's, I'm gonna show you how my career journey was anything but linear, and it was anything but like up into the right. It was very much all over the place. It was like a spastic tango vibe. And I want you to know that's okay. There is no shame whatever that looks like for you. And so I wanna first start off with my underlying mindset, because that really does influence the actions that I took. So what I notice is a lot of people come into their career with this sense of. There's like a rigid mindset, a scarcity really closed off. And my purpose here is to help you as I go through my story, to help you develop a mindset of more flexibility, of more abundance and openness to possibility and curiosity, because that's really where I was operating from throughout this process. And some of the kind of tenets of my mindset were like, I am here working on my coaching business for the long game. I would have plenty of moments where things weren't taking off right away. And I was like, I could just quit this at any point. But then I would always come back to who am I kidding? Even if I quit, quote unquote, I would be back in a year or two because this is my life's work. There's nothing else I'd rather be doing. And maybe you don't have that sort of clarity yet around what your life's work is, and that's okay. And that's, that is what we do in Pathway to Purpose. If you're really struggling with clarity But if that's the case, then maybe what you need to do is pay your bills. While you clarify your purpose, while you get clear on what is that thing that you'd rather be doing. And my mindset was also like, I'm willing to be scrappy and creative and find ways to pay the bills during this period of time. I was gonna let go of my ego. I was, I mean I definitely had moments of oh shit, I was a doctor one minute and now I'm an English teacher. And just noticing I had this sense of ego around it and this sense of like hierarchy and ranking around careers. And I was like, you know what, no, I'm not. Gonna let that limit me. I'm not gonna let my pride or my ego or things like that kind of get in the way of what I'm building and what I'm doing. And yeah, some of the other things that are important to know is, I was really clear about my financial goals at that point, so my financial goals for me were doing the bare minimum to make ends meet and conserving as much time and energy as possible to put towards my business. I really thought of my time and energy as my. My more scarce currencies, or not scarce, but they were the currencies that I needed to be the most protective of because I knew that if I'm working this like full-time job, if I'm really exerting a lot of my effort to just pay the bills and just make ends meet, then I was gonna be really exhausted and not have the time and energy to work on my business. And so I was really clear that my financial goals were just like do bare minimum to make ends meet. And then conserve my time and energy to put towards my business. And so what that looked like is number one, I was living in countries where the cost of living was lower. And I realized that is a privilege that as somebody from the US I can earn in dollars and then I can live in a country, in a part of the world where there is, like where the US dollar can go further than it would in the us. And I do realize that is a privilege and I don't have a great. Solution around that. But I think it's just all I can do is acknowledge that is a privilege, and that's something that I did utilize as I was going through this part of my journey. And so I was living in countries where the cost of living was lower. I was also like moving around more slowly taking buses, right? So I was trying to cut costs as much as I could in a way that didn't feel like total deprivation. I'm not gonna do the rice and beans vibes. I did one, one time have a phase where I was like, I'm just gonna eat ramen every single day. And then I freaked out, but I was like, my sodium's too hot. I don't know, it was just the whole thing where I was like really worried about. Money. And so then I went to the store and bought Ramen. And I was like, okay, I have 12 things of ramen. I'm gonna be good for 12 days and that's all I'm going to eat. And it cost me$12. And I was like, this is my budget now. But that was like when I was in Brazil at one point. And anyways, that was a brief moment in time then I just abandoned that. But I was staying in apartments where I would pay sometimes just like$300 for the month. I think the lowest I paid for a month was like$225. For an apartment. So I was being really strategic and careful around how I was living and what sort of cost of living I was accepting. I also was really clear that I wasn't saving during that time. I wasn't trying to do any, I wasn't trying to live in overflow or abundant. I would have loved to if my business took off, but I was okay with not saving. And I was really clear that like with my finances, All I needed to do was make ends meet. And then I was also actually investing a lot more, even like without, I wasn't saving at all. I was investing a lot in my business, and all financial decisions are totally personal. I'm just being really open about where I was at. I was okay with having this period of time where I was just getting by financially, and I also was very clear on the fact that it was only gonna be for a few years while I got my business off the ground. And so let's talk about what I did to pay my bills. And so essentially, if you think about this, I'm gonna map out the journey. I'm not gonna necessarily go chronologically like linear order, but I'm gonna just talk through what I did during the period of time from 2019 to all through 2021. And so it was like the first two months of 2022, I was doing this other side gig to make money, but then. For the rest. I think it was actually even like February of 2022. Since then, I've fully supported myself through my business. So that just gives you that period of time. Of, yeah, so it's 20 19, 20 20 and 2021. And then that one month of 2022 is when I'm doing all of these things. And it actually even starts out in 2018. So like the moment I turned in my resignation, I was already starting to look at. How can I start to make money? And so I had negotiated this contract with my residency program where I was gonna work really part-time, but I was still getting paid a full salary, which is really interesting. And it worked out for me. And I was talking to someone yesterday about how as a resident, you actually have more negotiating power than you think. As long as you are willing to walk away, like actually willing to walk away and you have some level of competence and you're in a program that is. Small enough that they would miss you if you left. So like my program had less than 10 people per class. So I had all of these things in my power that allowed me to create this negotiation. Because I was literally like, okay, it's either this, you get me a little bit or you get me not at all. And that would hurt you guys much more. And I would love to have money and income, but I'm not willing to do full rotations or this thing. So I basically worked out this. Contract with my residency program where I worked four half days a week. Not kidding, four half days a week for the same pay. I did that for like about six weeks and then I did agree to working the whole call shift, normal sort of call shift for Christmas and the holidays. So I was like, okay, I'll do call shift, and that was brutal. I did 60 hours and three days or something. I had, I did like multiple back-to-back, not back to back 24 hour shifts, but it would be like 24 hours on, 24 off. 24 on 24 off. And I was like, all right, I will do this'cause it feels like I should. But during that period of time, from like November to December before the holidays, I was literally working four mornings a week in clinic. That is it. And so I had all this extra time and I was starting to work on my blog and, figure out, oh, I was getting the TFL certification for to get, and I was working on getting the job for South Korea, but then I was also like, okay, I can also start making money. And so I got made an account on Rover, which is that dog walking app where you can become a dog walker, you can do pet sitting, all of those things. And I started walking dogs for people and then I. Didn't do that for long because it was winter in Pittsburgh and I was not thrilled about it. But then I, yeah, I did some dog walking. I did some house sitting, or not house sitting. I did pet sitting. So I had some dogs come to my apartment, but then I had to do all the call shifts. I was like actually, that's not gonna work. So I did some of that and I wasn't like making a ton of money. I think I was making like maybe$12 per dog walk. But you can build up a profile there, and that's something that could actually make you. A decent amount of money if you're willing to just walk dogs. If you're living in a place where the area is nice, you like being outside anyways, you could also coordinate it to where you're doing multiple dogs and it really is worth your time and energy. So there's a lot of ways you could actually do that and it would be great. And then even with pet sitting too, you can make a lot of money from pet sitting. I actually know somebody who does. Luxury pet sitting. And I don't know all the details of this, but she's somebody who was in a mastermind with me and that's what she was doing while getting her business off the ground was she was doing Luxury PET sitting where it was in Sedona, Arizona. And it still is. And she's like at a point now where she's I have too many clients. And she's like hiring other people to help her with pet sitting. But yeah, she just creates this Luxury v i p experience for the pets and has these clients who are a little bit wealthier and is really known in those circles. And so there, there is a lot of ways you can leverage that. And just also knowing like people spend a lot of money on their pets these days. Pets are like the new kids for a lot of people. And yeah, so looking into something like that, like an app like Rover, I know there's other apps too, like TaskRabbit where you can just run and do errands for people. I think that's probably. Never gonna be worth it for all of these things. You have to decide is the money I'm making actually worth the effort? And sometimes it's not and that's okay. But I think the idea around this is just being creative with how you start earning money and having the sense of no shame in. And what you're doing during this period of time. Then as you guys know, I went to South Korea, so some of the things I did, so yeah, so that was like in Pittsburgh before I even left. And then I'll just go into all the ways I started making money online. So the first thing I really did online was v i p kit. And that was teaching English online. And so while I was in South Korea, I was working in person teaching English and getting a salary for that and an apartment for that. Like they, they had my living expenses covered. And then on top of that I was also making a little over 2000 a month plus, like I wasn't paying rent. And so that was, and I think I had some other, oh, I didn't like, I mean I like was fed a lot of the time and so there was a lot covered for me. So I was able to actually save a good amount during that time. And then you also get a bonus like. I think I got a bonus of$7,000 for just finishing out the year. And so that was actually a really solid thing to do, especially coming from residency where I was making like take home pay in residency it was around 3000 something, maybe 3,200. And then I was spending like 1400 on rent. And so if you really do that math, which that was probably a stupid thing to do, whatever. I wanted to live near the hospital. I wanted some amenities and. So if you really do the math, I was actually having more in my pocket in South Korea and working less, significantly less. So anyways, that's just breaking down all the dollars for you guys. So I was teaching and then I also started teaching English online. So it's like during the day I would go teaching English in person and then I would come home and teach English online through this service called v i p Kid. It's no longer in operation, so it's not something you can do anymore because there's a lot of. Like firewalls and laws around China. China doesn't allow any foreign English teachers in through Zoom, like just China has just fully locked down during Covid. They just. Didn't allow anyone in, even virtually into their country. And so the only English teachers they have are people who are actually physically in China. So this is not something that exists anymore. But I was doing teaching English for v i p kid and I was making like 22 to$24 per hour doing that, which was fairly solid. And that's something that I got through just. Going through an application process online. And then there was also a whole thing around that, like m l m vibes, but whatever it was, you can refer people and you can get paid a lot per each referral too. So then I started making like a blog post about how to get hired as an English teacher, and then I would do calls and help people through the interview application process. They would get hired. And I would get paid maybe like a hundred dollars per referral and per person who was like hired. And I was totally cool with that. And then I was trying to automate it by making videos to teach people. And then it never like, took off to be this huge revenue stream, but that was just something else. I was like, oh, I could make money doing this too. So I'm gonna put some energy into that. Also, this whole time I'm also like building up my business. But the thing is I had a lot to work through around. I guess it was like confidence and money mindset and sales and worthiness and all this fun stuff that I was working through in order to feel worthy of charging for coaching, to feel worthy of. I think it's like when you're really in your life's purpose, there's so much fear that comes up around oh, am I actually good enough to do this? And. I didn't have that around anything with teaching English or tutoring or all of these things that I was also doing on the side. I didn't feel any sense of like unworthiness around that, but it was like with my purpose and with this like life's work I just had, I had to calibrate myself. It just took me time to feel really comfortable charging, to feel really comfortable in sales situations, to feel really comfortable with that whole process. And as I was developing that and building those skills, I didn't wanna feel desperation around my clients. Like I didn't wanna feel desperate to make money right away. And so I was just doing all these other things and I think probably starting in 2020, even when I first launched my coaching business, In April, 2020 was when I really like fully launched it. I was making, I think from that point on, I was making like one to$2,000 every month pretty consistently, and I could technically live off of that in Vietnam, in Latin America, but I was also paying a lot of money into learning and growing. I was paying for my coaching certification. I was learning all about online business and marketing, and I was starting to have some business expenses too. So it's like I was, yeah, making one to 2000 in my coaching business, but it wasn't consistent, so it wasn't every month. And I was also trying to, as much as possible, invest back into the business. And I definitely made some, I wouldn't say mistakes, but I would say I made some investments that was like, Ugh, I shouldn't have paid for that, or I shouldn't have done that. But I was also just using. Yeah, I was using as much money that I made from my business to go back into the business, and so then I was doing all of these other things to just make ends meet. Also, I'm happy to I don't wanna make this like too long of an episode, but if people have follow up questions around this, I'm happy to just literally talk about anything in regards to this because. I am an open book around it. I just am not sure exactly what details everybody wants, and so I'm just going with it for now. But I am also happy to do like a part two of this episode where I answer your questions around this and maybe even give certain suggestions and all of that. So that's something that's totally an option too. now let's get into some of the other. Now it gets weird, right? It started off normal, but now it's gonna get weird. So then there was a point in Latin America where I think V I P kid was going under, or I was just really sick of doing that because it, you just have the same conversation to these children over and over again. And so I was starting to get burnt out from even doing that. I can't remember which came first. Maybe it was just both happening at the same time. And so I was like, I really wanna start doing other things. To make money that don't involve the same energy as coaching. So meaning I don't want it to be on video calls. I wanna do it like where I'm like head in the computer and I can do it more asynchronously and I can go to cafes and do it. And I don't have to worry about wifi connection as much. Because there were some things with v i P kid where you would get like penalized fees if your wifi connection wasn't as good and. there was just parts of it that I was like, this isn't exactly perfect, so let me, lemme just start looking for some other things. And so then I ventured into the world of Upwork, which is a freelance exchange platform where you can actually do pretty well. Like you can build up a business doing that. I had a friend. So this is a whole nother thing, which is gonna be important. When I was in Vietnam, I was in a, like what's called like a digital nomad base or like hotspot where there's like tons of online workers. And I was really utilizing that because I would go to cafes and I would go to meetups and I was always like networking without really thinking of it like that. But I was always asking people like, What do you do? How are you making money online? Oh, okay. How did you train for that? How did you start getting clients for that? What did that look like? Are you working for a company? Are you doing your own thing? And I just asked a bunch of questions for everyone and built up this network of people who were earning income online and figuring out, like how they did it, what sort of skills they were using, how they got hired for different things. And I was really just building up a solid network there. And this comes into play because then I met some people who had done. Really well on Upwork. I had a friend who started this sort of like SS e o company a copywriting company from started with Upwork and then he took off from there. And so I knew that Upwork was a platform where I could start getting clients, making money for something other than like video call type vibes. And so I like talked to him about it and I got some information about how to set up your profile and like really did the whole quote unquote pick your brain thing and figured out how to. How to get set up there. And then I just started doing different things. So the three main things I did on Upwork. One is I did personal statement writing or editing. So I would help people edit their personal statements. And it wasn't just for med school, although you could probably just do that specifically or just for residency or grad school or something like that. I'm sure people would, and it, I wasn't ghost writing them. I wasn't like, Doing it for them, although, like also if you want to, I don't have any ethical issues around that. Not saying that I do everyone, you can make your own decisions around that, but I wasn't ghost writing. I was just editing and I was actually helping them develop the ideas and we would have meetings and I would figure out their goals and figure out like, just go through the structure and I would even start coming up with guidelines around, okay, it needs, there needs to be a hook, there needs to be a cohesive theme. There needs to be a story. And I would even I started even coming up with questions. I was like, you can ask yourself these questions to start planning out your personal statement and then we can go through them together. And so that was actually a really fun process for me. And I was getting like$25 an hour for that. Which again, is similar to what I was making at v I P kid. But it was, it felt more fun'cause it was more creative, it was project based. I could get to know these different people. I even had some people. Be like, repeat clients. Like I actually got a, an inquiry in my inbox like a few months ago from someone I worked with during that time and he was like, thank you so much. I remember you did my personal statement for getting into this finance program. And I got in and it was great, and now I'm applying to this next thing and I wanted to just see if I could get you again. And so there's ways to I don't know, like people have friends that they can refer you to. And so that, that can actually just be a really fun process and I really enjoy doing that. Actually now that I'm looking back, it's that was so fun. And then I also did on Upwork, I would search, like you can create a profile based on one thing. You can also create alternate profiles. I'm not gonna go too deeply into Upwork here. But there's also a search feature where you can just start looking and browsing for different jobs and you can like, send pitches and apply to different jobs. And the jobs are not, it's not like a, you're not getting hired for a whole job. It's like just a little project, like a short term project. And so I remember searching like medical writing jobs or like medical content and there was a lot of different things on there. And one of the things I got a gig writing for was soap note templates for an E M R company or for an E M R startup or something like that. I don't remember all the details, but I just know they gave me sort of a list of different, like primary care type visits and I would create varying soap note templates for them, which is actually like fun too.'cause that was revisiting my medical history or like my medical knowledge and expertise. So I would go into Okay, a patient comes for hypertension, first diagnosis. What are the things that we're doing? Or a patient comes in for hypertension, med management and it's good. Everything's fine. Or they come in for med management. So I was doing all these alternate scenarios. They come in for med management and their blood pressure's not under control. And so it's like I would just have all these different variations and create these soap templates. And that was actually pretty fun. And I got to just, Do that. You can just charge$15 an hour, but you can take as long as you want to.'cause I work faster than, they didn't give me like an hour requirement. Not that I was like running the clock or anything but yeah, that was just like a fun process.'cause it's like I was researching it and getting paid for that and just having a, just a lockdown memory lane around all of that. And then I also started, what else did I was searching for other things on Upwork. So basically when I got into Upwork, I was thinking about, okay, what am I good at? What skills do I already have? What are things I could do that I could help people with on Upwork that are like fairly easy? And one thing was medical writing. I started looking at, I looked up personal statement writing. And then the other thing I was like I'm also like, I've been creating content for two years now. So I could help with that. And I found this one person who, I don't remember exactly how I found this person. But he was looking for someone to help build his personal brand. So he's like the c e o of this company in Canada. And he put this listing up for something really basic can you write some LinkedIn articles for me around these like sort of career based topics? And I was like, oh, I can definitely do that. And so I like wrote some articles for him and then it was like a tryout thing and he was like, wow, these articles were great. Can we hop on a call and. I got paid for the tryout articles, but then he was like, I'm really looking for someone to help build my personal brand. He's no, wasn't c e o, but he was like c something o He was in the C-suite of some big corporation in Canada, but he was actually looking soon to transition out and he was wanting to get into real estate and wanted to start building a personal brand around that and started to build an audience and just he wanted to beef up. His personal brand. And so then he actually started paying me this monthly retainer of 300 to 500. We edited at different times. But. So as a monthly retainer of a couple hundred a month, and I was writing just a few LinkedIn articles for him and putting up Instagram posts and just helping him with the tenets of personal branding. And he called me his publicist. So basically I was just someone's publicist on LinkedIn and that was also pretty fun. I didn't like that I was, he kinda thought that I was on call 24 7, so he would text me about different things and I was like, bro, we need some boundaries. So I did learn all about boundaries, but again, Just a fun thing where it's I used skills that I had recently developed around personal branding that I developed for myself, and I just started using that and getting paid for that. And the final one that I'm gonna talk to you guys about is I. Also did, I basically was teaching AP biology to Chinese students online. And so this was really interesting because I was telling you I was getting burnt out with V I P kid and they were also like going under and it just wasn't this reliable source of income anymore. And I. I was looking around in my network, so the same like network I started developing in Vietnam. I was looking around for people and I remembered one of my friends had, she was like teaching English at this like really boutique company and making a really good rate. And so I asked her, I was like, what is that company? Are they hiring? Do they need anyone? And through that, by me just like reaching out and talking to different people about. What to do, how I could start making money. She actually was like, oh yeah, I think they are hiring and I can help you get a job. And so she did. And I got this really cool gig at this boutique company and it's basically it was like boarding school prep for, it's like for like really high achieving students in China who want to go to these boarding schools in England or in Singapore, where they have to have English really fluently. And you start prepping them for these boarding schools. And they do different subjects too. And so it's not just English. They also have really I was teaching like literature to some people and my main gig was when I started teaching AP biology too. I started with this one girl. I was making$60 an hour for that, and she started doing really well on her tests and then she started referring her friends, and then her friends were literally signing up for the company. To work with me, and so then I was like getting bonuses from the company and so that was really cool too, of using my biology knowledge and teaching kids and really having that experience. And so that was making$60 an hour. And then for some people I was just doing English for some, I was doing like a literature thing. And it was actually pretty fun because it was different than. The classic, like low level English student, and I was creating my own lesson plans and really like having a lot of consistency with the kids and getting to know them. And they were really dedicated. And so that was exciting too. And yeah, I did that for a while. And they would, there would also be these time periods where they would go on break, where the students would have a break from school. And so then it's like their parents wanted them to do this, like summer camp basically where they would, so I would have certain weeks of. The year every it was like maybe every quarter there'd be a few weeks where it was like all of these students wanted tons of lessons and so it was like this extra hype period where I would make so much money. But in general, I was making around a thousand to$2,500 a month from doing that. And again, that's something I got from a friend. So it's not necessarily about you guys getting these exact jobs or doing this exact. Any of the exact things that I did. But I think what I really want to do is, one, is just share my story and be really open about, Hey my coaching business did not blow up right away. It took a while, it took time, and I had to do a lot to make ends meet in the meantime. And here's some of the things I did, and I think what's most important really is the mindset around it. It's like one using your network, using your connections. Who do you know who can help you with this? Who do you know who is hiring? Who do you know who is in HR manager for something who do, who has their own business and could require some support or help. And then also what am I already good at? So when I was looking at Upwork, I was like, okay, what am I good at? What skills do I have? How can I just start to market myself around this? And then some I can just learn on the go. So just really starting to get creative and just start thinking about what are all the different ways? And there's guys, it's 2023. There are so many ways to make money online. There are so many ways to just tap into income sources. Like the gig economy is huge. There's apps where you can download to make money. There's just a lot you can do, and it just depends on what is gonna be right for you. And so just know that. If you're in this sort of period where you're transitioning in your career, where you're questioning if you should transition, where you're just wondering I wanna quit my job, but I feel like I can't because of the money. That's not true. There are so many ways to make money in whatever ways feel right for you. And so I'll just also end it by quickly giving a rundown of. Some of the bridge jobs my clients have done some random ones. I've had one client who was a, she was a surgeon and she did like microsurgery, so she had these really fine motor skills and something she learned about herself after leaving was, She was really good at painting, had never painted before, but had such good fine motor coordination that she was so good at painting. So she started painting oil based pet portraits for commissions and was getting like$200 per painting for all referrals. And it wasn't like a perfect, it wasn't a great hourly rate But there was ways she could start to think about scaling it anyways, random thing that she was doing, making these painting pet portraits. Again, people spend a lot of money on their pets. I had another client do some medical question writing. There's a lot of different, like medical education type things you can do. I had a client get a job with like osmosis people doing different like Yeah, like medical education, content writing, that sort of thing. I had a lot of clients do different telemedicine. There's Some telemedicine that's like themed so then you can, I don't know, it just can feel a little bit less burnout vibes and overwhelming if you're just doing like straight primary care all day. You can do telemedicine. That's like strictly obesity medicine. You can master that area or you can do telemedicine. That's all psych. So you can master that. And so there are different ways that you can just start earning money and. It doesn't have to be like, this is for sure. My next thing. It's okay to just get a job to make ends meet while you're figuring out your next thing. And so that is definitely something I wanna communicate to you. Permission to just like freaking make ends meet for a while. It's also okay to shift your financial goals for a temporary period of time. That doesn't have to mean forever, and it doesn't mean you're gonna be getting behind it, it doesn't have to work like that. You can just decide that I'm gonna take these few years and I'm not gonna be contributing to my 4 0 1 k, or I'm not gonna be saving this amount of money and my goals are gonna be a little bit different right now. That is okay. I think we live in this huge like rat race dynamic where we feel that's not okay and we're in this sort of hoarding mentality and we all have different, Points where we are, but I just wanna say, I wanna give you permission to let it be a little bit messy if it needs to be. And sometimes it is it's okay if it's messy. There are so many ways to make ends meet while you figure out your dreams, figure out your goals, figure out your purpose or start pursuing it. The thing that I hate more than anything else is when people feel trapped. Because of the money. That does not have to be your situation. So I hope this episode was inspiring to just show you that there is an abundance of opportunities out there, and I always tell my clients there is no shortage of ways to make money. There's no shortage of ways to help people. There's no shortage of ways to put value into the world and receive money in exchange for that, even if it's temporary. It's all okay and it's all part of the journey, so sending you so much love. Feel free, like I said, to send me any questions if there's something else about this episode that you wanna ask about, something else about my journey that you wanna ask about or just any other like maybe ideas for bridge drops. So feel free to send any episodes if you want to. You can dmm me, coach Chel MD. On Instagram or you can send an email to So all of those are great and I'd love to hear from you and let me know how this episode landed for you. So hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. I am about to move Airbnbs. I'm in Montenegro and I'm moving from, One area to another. And so I'm gonna go ahead and do that. I'm waiting for my Airbnb host to, her husband's gonna drive me there, so I'm just waiting for him to be free. And I think he's knocking on the door, so I'm gonna go ahead and do that. And yeah, just sending you guys all so much love. Thank you for tuning in and for just being part of this community.