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EP#2 Leave Comfort; Accept Growth

September 15, 2021 SARANSH SOURAV Episode 2
Beyond Fitness Podcast
EP#2 Leave Comfort; Accept Growth
Show Notes

Are you comfortable at your place?
If you have
-Food to eat, Shelter To Live, Much available internet & Basic living resources to survive then You're most probably in your comfort zone.
More than 90% of the people are in their comfort/safe/secure zone that's why only the top 4% (top few) got huge success in their life.

This episode is about what are the phases of leaving the comfort zone & moving towards the growth zone. i.e- Transitional phases between You n' your Comfort & your Growth

#Comfort Zone- is where you're settled & feeling safe
#Fear Zone- You'll get fear of How I'll do this, Can I !!! You'll lack self-confidence. You'll be affected by other's opinions & your mind will tell you to go back to comfort.
#Learning Zone- You'll learn new skills, You'll start implementing & get obstacles. You'll face them & move ahead. You'll be optimistic & solution-oriented.
#Growth Zone- You'll be unstoppable. Will make new gals. Conquer all the objectives. Will find directions & purpose. You'll live your dreams.

Hope this podcast will make you uncomfortable to stay inside your comfort.

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To Your Success
-Saransh Sourav