#ChatsWithChaudhrey the Podcast

#ChatsWithChaudhrey #ReflectionsAndForecasts with Bio-Works Technologies CEO, Jonathan Royce, Jan 14th 2022

February 22, 2022 Rizwan Chaudhrey Season 2 Episode 12
#ChatsWithChaudhrey the Podcast
#ChatsWithChaudhrey #ReflectionsAndForecasts with Bio-Works Technologies CEO, Jonathan Royce, Jan 14th 2022
Show Notes

I sat down with Jonathan in January  as part of my #ReflectionsAndForecasts 2021/22 series and we covered a lot, including what's the most important thing to have a successful company culture, check it out and please leave any comments and questions below the video.
I asked Jonathan....
• To give me a quick overview of #BioWorksTechnologies? 00:49
• A lot of companies offer similar products, what´s special about Bio-Works? 01:46
• Describe 2021 in one word and why? 02:56
• What had driven Bio-Works over the past 24 months? 04:07
• Has the #supplychain impacted business? 06:12
• How has the #pandemic impacted the business in Year 2? 07:45
• What were some of BIO-WORKS the achievements in 2021? 09:43
• What is the main thing as part of the company's culture that has helped drive the business?10;39
• Jonathan said he would rather talk about the future than the past year, why is that? 12:20
• What are his predictions for the #LifeScience/#Pharma sector in 2022? 13:00
• What risks are out there that may impact the business? 16:38
• And what are the opportunities for next year for Bio-Works 18:26
• What can we expect to see from Bio-Works in 2022? 20:46
• How will the company maintain their existing relationships with their customer as the company grows? 23:20
• Last thoughts for viewers for 2022? 25:06

You can WATCH this and other Bio-Works interviews here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFj-EpegwkMANmwxpgckGrIaEA5-3pxta

You can find out more about Bio-Works and their solutions here

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