#ChatsWithChaudhrey the Podcast

#ChatWithChaudhrey #ReflectionsAndForecasts 2021/22 with PharmaLex Ireland's, Jane Lyons, 24th January 2022

March 05, 2022 Rizwan Chaudhrey Season 2 Episode 15
#ChatsWithChaudhrey the Podcast
#ChatWithChaudhrey #ReflectionsAndForecasts 2021/22 with PharmaLex Ireland's, Jane Lyons, 24th January 2022
Show Notes

I sat down with Jane, who is Country Manager for #PharmaLexIreland to get her thoughts on 2021 and predictions for 2022.

I asked her....

• Give me a quick overview of #PharmaLex and her role? 00:33

• What does a Country Manager do? 01:19

• For one word to describe 2021 and why? 01:54

• How did the pandemic impact the business in 2021? 02:49

• What were some of the key business achievements for that stood out for her?  04:29

• Looking back at 2021 what developments, stories and trends stood out for her? 05:36

• Are there any areas Jane think the industry could have done better and how? 06:41

• What are Jane's predictions for the Pharma in 2022 ? 7:46

• How has #Ireland developed into a hub for BioPharma in Europe? 09:00

• What new developments and changes, if any, could Jane  see around regulations with Pharma? 10:48

• What is the EC Review? 11:12

• How does the UK being out o the UK impact regulatory changes? 11:45

• What opportunities does Jane see for companies in 2022?  12:41

• What can we expect from PharmaLex in 2022? 13:25

• What does Jane think is the most important element in developing a great #companyculture to get the most out of people? 14:07

• Finally, what last thoughts Jane would like to leave with viewers for 2022? 15:23

You can WATCH the interview here https://lnkd.in/dQrS69KP

You can find out more about PharmaLex Ireland at https://lnkd.in/dt_Fi9Vn

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