#ChatsWithChaudhrey the Podcast

S03 E003 #ChatsWithChaudhreyThe PODCAST #ReflectionsandForecasts22/23 with Cherwell Laboratories Ltd MD Andy Whittard Jan 13th 2022

January 25, 2023 Rizwan Chaudhrey with #CherwellLaboratories MD Andy Whittard Season 3 Episode 3
#ChatsWithChaudhrey the Podcast
S03 E003 #ChatsWithChaudhreyThe PODCAST #ReflectionsandForecasts22/23 with Cherwell Laboratories Ltd MD Andy Whittard Jan 13th 2022
Show Notes

I was delighted to catch up with Cherwell Laboratories MD Andy Whittard as part of this years #RefelectionsandForecasts interview series.

We talked about Cherwell Laboratories, their achievements in 2022,  their "Delivery Knowledge" platform, meeting the challenges in 2022, the impact of #Annex1 on #EnviromentalMonitoring, #ContinuousMonitoring, #supplychain, co-operation, and sustainability.

2022 Reflections 

• Can you give me a quick overview of Cherwell Laboratories? 00:39

• One word to describe 2022 and why? 01;50

• What were some of Cherwell Laboratories key achievements in 2022? 04:40

• Looking back at 2022 what challenges did you see the sector face, and developments stood out for you? 05:29

• How have Cherwell managed customers expectations due to the challenges around Supply Chain issues? 08:03

• Did Andy think that dealing with the Covid19 period helped the business become more "agile"? 09:33

•  When Annex 1 came out in August was it what Andy expected it to be? 11:33

• Are there any areas you think the industry could improve? 13:13

 2023 Forecasts

• What are your predictions for the Life Science/Pharma/ BioPharma in 2023? 15:14

• What developments and trends do you expect to see/predict in contamination control with the new Annex One Updates? 17:49

• Where does  Andy think AI and Machine learning can help in Environmental Monitoring?24:14 

• What can we expect from Cherwell Laboratories 2023? 25:52

• Finally, what last thoughts would you like to leave viewers with for 2023? 29:09

You can check out #Cherwells  online EU #GMP and #Annex resources page which provides further background and insight on the latest regulatory update governing the manufacture of #sterile #medicinalproducts, at https://lnkd.in/geW5f2EV

and learn more about Cherwell Laboratories at www.cherwell-labs.co.uk

You can WATCH the interview here https://lnkd.in/ecsqJjK6