Al Ahly Pharos

Pre-Trading Thoughts

September 15, 2022 Al Ahly Pharos
Al Ahly Pharos
Pre-Trading Thoughts
Show Notes

SFE and QIA signed one of three MoUs between Egypt and Qatar during President El Sisi’s visit to Doha. The two countries also signed an agreement to cooperate on ports and social affairs.

The Ministry of Transport is looking into 35 affiliated companies for potential listing on EGX.

Abu Dhabi Ports acquired 70% of two Egyptian logistics companies, “Transmar” and “Transcargo International” (TCI), at a total deal value of USD140 million.

Mopco stated that the new cabinet decision of applying a new gas cost formula for Urea producers, does not have any impact on the company since Mopco already has its own pre-determined formula in a contract valid until 2040. 

DOMT shareholders agreed to sell 93.0 mn shares to a consortium of investors led by Expedition Investments (a 32.9% stake in the firm). 

The government has lifted a ban on the export of food staples that it had introduced earlier this year in response to the global food crisis. 

Al Amal Auto —the sole agent and distributor of BYD and Lada brand of passenger cars— could be forced to shut down its factory due to import restrictions. 

EGAL released an adjusted net profit for FY21/22 of EGP2.5 billion, up from EGP2.4 billion released previously. 

Alameda plans to invest EGP5 billion in the Egyptian healthcare sector over the next five years, doubling its investment in Egypt, by adding 1,000 beds.

KIA acquired a 4.8% stake in RMDA yesterday for EGP144.4million (EGP3.00 per share).

FRA approved ATLC’s request to increase its paid-in capital through a rights issue to EGP437.3 mn (an increase of EGP150 mn), at par of EGP2.50/share. The record date is 29/9, subscription starts 4/10 and ends 2/11.