Al Ahly Pharos

Pre-Trading Thoughts

November 15, 2022 Al Ahly Pharos
Al Ahly Pharos
Pre-Trading Thoughts
Show Notes

Cabinet is out with the rules and regulations for the expat car import scheme.

Construction at the Grand Egyptian Museum has been completed. The museum would be inaugurated in 2023.

The Luxembourg-based Alcazar Energy II fund signed an MoU with the Egyptian government to invest in green hydrogen-based ammonia with a production capacity of 230,000 tons per year.

EFIH 3Q22 net profit came in at EGP203 million (+104% YoY, -29.6% QoQ).

TMGH 3Q22 sales reached EGP9.7 billion, up 49.2% y/y and 63.6% q/q. Net profit in 3Q22 increased 7.0% y/y and 62.4% q/q to EGP887.4 million.

ACAMD reported 3Q22 net loss of EGP1.0 million, compared to 3Q21 net profit of EGP13.4 million and 2Q22 net loss of EGP0.7 million.

SWDY 3Q22 net profit reached EGP1.2 billion (+71% YoY, +7% QoQ).

MCQE 3Q22 net profit reached EGP9 million, lower 79% YoY, yet reversing 2Q22 losses of EGP6 million.

MBSC 3Q22 net loss reached EGP433 million, compared to a net profit of EGP4 million in 3Q21 and a loss of EGP3 million in 2Q22.

LCSW 3Q22 net loss reached EGP9.6 million, compared to net loss of EGP60.6 million in 2Q22 and net loss of EGP8.7 million in 3Q21.

SCEM 9M22 net loss reached EGP176.7 million compared to net loss of EGP323.3 million.

ELEC 9M22 net profit reached EGP263.3 million, up 79% YoY.

EFID 3Q22 net profit reached EGP298 mn (+164% YoY, +66% QoQ).

EAST 1Q22/23 net profit reached EGP1,405 mn, compared to 4Q21/22 losses of EGP222 mn and 1Q21/22 profits of EGP1,598 mn.  

ORWE 3Q22 net profit reached EGP79 mn (-69.4% YoY, -62.4% QoQ). 

AUTO 3Q22 net profit reached EGP551 mn, (+65.8% YoY, +12.7% QoQ).

EXPA 3Q22 net profit reached EGP372 million (+16% q/q, +140% y/y).

SAUD 3Q22 net profit recorded EGP472 million (-6% y/y, +14% q/q).

ATLC 3Q22 net profit reached EGP17 million (-81% q/q, -20% y/y).

CLHO 3Q22 net profit of EGP83 million (+3.2% YoY, +20.5% QoQ).

PHAR 3Q22 net profit reached EGP113 million (+29.0% YoY, -13.2% QoQ).

CSAG 1Q22/23 net profit reached EGP66.39 million (+72.3% YoY, +82.4% QoQ).

Weekly Commodities Update

 |   | Last Price | WoW Change, %
| Brent, USD/bbl | 94.9 | -3.7%
| Diesel-HSFO Spread, USD/ton | 595.2 | -8.2%
| Egypt Urea, USD/ton | 627.5 | 0.0%
| Polyethylene, USD/ton | 1,100.0 | -3.5%
| Polypropylene, USD/ton | 935.0 | -2.0%
| Steel/Iron Ore Spreads, USD/ton | 447.9 | -1.1%
| LME Aluminum Cash Price, USD/ton | 2,445.8 | 5.3%
| Egyptian Retail Cement, EGP/ton | 1,624.0 | 0.0%
| Steam Coal FOB Newcastle Australia, USD/ton | 326.8 | -5.2%