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Instructional Story Design, with Rance Greene

April 13, 2022 Upside Learning Solutions Season 1 Episode 17
L&D Go Beyond
Instructional Story Design, with Rance Greene
Show Notes

Rance is a story designer, author, and speaker. His book ‘Instructional Story Design’ is practical guide for developing stories that train. He is the founder of Needastory.com and school of story design for those who are struggling with storytelling at work.

According to Rance, stories work well in workplace learning due to their capability to prepare us for a situation and to act in the real world. Training can be made memorable and actionable by telling a story effectively. The main reason why stories are so effective is because they are a great vehicle for delivering emotion. A story needs to contain 2 essential elements: relatable characters and strong conflict.

The purpose of story design, according to Rance, is to fill the gap between story and action.

Here are the key takeaways from this podcast-

  • Drawing balance between story and instruction in producing the output.
  • Telling story first followed by reflection question based on emotional content then followed by decision-making and feedback.
  • Creating relatable characters through audience profiling; their current circumstances, reaction to circumstances, their viable fear, and training benefits to them.  
  • Creating a strong action-list as a tool for performance improvement and covering important aspect of overall learning design.
  • Attributes & challenges of 3 story types; fictional, non-fictional and metaphor.
  • Overcoming challenges for using stories in workplace learning.

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About The Guests
Rance helps leaders connect with, inspire, guide and persuade their people through story-based messaging. He also equips talent development professionals to reach business outcomes through story-based training. A leader, consultant, coach and frequent speaker in live and virtual sessions on leadership storytelling, story-writing and instructional story design. He leads with stories. He trains with stories.

Email: rance@needastory.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rancegreene

About The Host

Amit has been involved in the workplace learning domain for over 19 years. He is passionate about improving organizational performance through better learning solutions. He consults organizations around the world on resolving business and training challenges through uniquely crafted learning solutions by combining his vast experience and quick adoption of evolving trends on learning and technology fronts.

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