L&D Go Beyond

Learning Engagement in Supply Chain Training, with Dhiren Doshi

August 09, 2021 Season 1 Episode 1
L&D Go Beyond
Learning Engagement in Supply Chain Training, with Dhiren Doshi
Show Notes

In this insightful podcast, Amit Garg speaks with Dhiren Doshi, Learning Partner - E2E Global Supply Chain at Colgate-Palmolive about learning engagement in supply chain training.

Dhiren expresses his staunch belief in leveraging capability in the most effective way, emphasizing on the need for organizations to experiment so as to capitalize on the technologies such as AR & VR that truly drive the scale and simplification globally. He also subtly mentions about using the right technology at the right time for the right solution and at an optimal cost.

With his vast experience in industrial engineering, HR, Organization design, new plant start-up along with the visionary approach, he sees a bigger opportunity in focusing on learning at the factory level than at the management level. Below are the major takeaways from this podcast-

  • How engagement and learning is driven by components like right tools & methodology, the right content, and senior leader & people manager engagement. 
  • Criticality of access to the right information in very short and quick way.
  • Emphasis on the ‘build-once and deploy everywhere’ concept.
  • Methodology for measuring learning engagement amongst the learners.

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About The Guest
Dhiren joined Colgate in 1989 at the Malaysia manufacturing plant in Kuala Lumpur. He held several positions of increasing responsibility in Industrial Engineering, Production Supervision, Human Resources, and a regional support role to drive Continuous Improvement before relocating to the USA in 2000.

You can follow and connect with Dhiren Via:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dhiren-doshi-4745187
Email: dhiren_doshi@colpal.com

About The Host
Amit has been involved in the workplace learning domain for over 19 years. He is passionate about improving organizational performance through better learning solutions. He consults organizations around the world on resolving business and training challenges through uniquely crafted learning solutions by combining his vast experience and quick adoption of evolving trends on learning and technology fronts.

You can follow and connect with Amit Via:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gargamit100
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Email: amitgarg@upsidelearning.com