L&D Go Beyond

Design for How People Learn, with Julie Dirksen

November 17, 2021 Upside Learning Solutions Season 1 Episode 10
L&D Go Beyond
Design for How People Learn, with Julie Dirksen
Show Notes

In this insightful podcast, Amit Garg, CEO of Upside Learning Solutions speaks with Julie Dirksen, a leading expert in learning design and digital learning. 

Author of the book ‘Design for How People Learn’, she regularly teaches instructional designing in workshops and college courses, as well as in project management and cognitive psychology.  Her biggest area of interest today is behavioral science and also likely to be the topic of her next book.

When asked about ‘Memory being the foundation of learning’, Julie mentions various contextual points to which things are being memorized and recalled in learner’s mind when it comes to encoding and decoding, especially since we live in this age of information overwhelm. She also emphasized on the importance of feedback in the digital learning environment.    
Here are the key takeaways from this podcast- 

  • How organizations must leverage the consistent set of variables that help people help memorize.
  • Spaced learning and repeated exposure over time.
  • Disposable versus durable learning framework.
  • Motivation & immediacy significance in learning methodology.
  • Fostering motivation & learning in highly compliant organizational culture.
  • Importance of practice-focus for learning designers.
  • Challenges faced by learning designers vis-à-vis audience skill levels & solutions.

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About The Guest
Julie is a leading expert in learning design and digital learning. She regularly teaches Instructional Design workshops and has taught college courses in Project Management, Instructional Design, and Cognitive Psychology. Julie has also written a fantastic book called Design for How People Learn, which completes a decade.

You can follow and connect with Julie via:
Email: julie@usablelearning.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliedirksen/

About The Host
Amit has been involved in the workplace learning domain for over 19 years. He is passionate about improving organizational performance through better learning solutions. He consults organizations around the world on resolving business and training challenges through uniquely crafted learning solutions by combining his vast experience and quick adoption of evolving trends on learning and technology fronts.

You can follow and connect with Amit Via:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gargamit100
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Email: amitgarg@upsidelearning.com