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Writing Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning, with Patti Shank

January 27, 2022 Upside Learning Solutions Season 1 Episode 12
L&D Go Beyond
Writing Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning, with Patti Shank
Show Notes

In this podcast, Amit Garg speaks with Patti Shank, President at Learning Peaks LLC, about Writing Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning.

Patti shares the very interesting background story of her new book. She says that over a period of many years, whoever she’s worked with, anyone who wanted to create a test with multiple-choice questions, has ended up effectively destroying the test, which was an awful experience. She then followed up the research further and was surprised to know that even her own multiple-choice questions had problems. She then spent the last 4 years reading and learning everything about multiple-choice questions, and then wrote a book on it. Patty says that it is the hardest book she has written and covers many things about multiple-choice questions which people think they know but they don’t.     

According to Patti, people have certain misconceptions about multiple-choice questions, the biggest one being that a multiple-choice test can only assess recall. However, the main purpose of an MCQ test is to assess the learning objectives, and whether the people who took these courses are able to meet learning objectives and, if not, we need to fix these courses.

Below are the major takeaways from this podcast-

  • Framing right questions for performance-based learning objectives
  • Good distractors for learning designers to keep in mind
  • Differentiators for formative versus summative assessments
  • Scenario-based questions for better recall
  • Questions to play the role as actual task

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About The Guest

Patti Shank PhD is an internationally known workplace learning expert, instructional designer, researcher, and author and who is regularly listed as an influential individual in the digital and workplace learning space internationally. Apart from her role at Learning Peaks as President, she has been a research director at The eLearning Guild and a faculty at multiple colleges. She has written several books on learning, and her latest one is aptly named ‘Write better multiple-choice questions to assess learning’.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pattishank
Twitter:  pattishank
Email: patti@learningpeaks.com

About The Host

Amit has been involved in the workplace learning domain for over 19 years. He is passionate about improving organizational performance through better learning solutions. He consults organizations around the world on resolving business and training challenges through uniquely crafted learning solutions by combining his vast experience and quick adoption of evolving trends on learning and technology fronts.

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