L&D Go Beyond
How can L&D Pivot from Learning to Performance?, with Laura Overton
How can L&D Pivot from Learning to Performance?, with Laura Overton 56:00 Bridging the Gap between Learning and Performance, with Charles Jennings 55:43 Strategies for Effective Learning in Retail Sales, with Ramakrishna Rao 56:32 Moving ID to LXD, with Clark Quinn 55:38 Post-Pandemic Workplace Learning Strategy, with Shantanu Bhattacharya 55:38 Secrets to Being Smarter, Faster, with Arun Pradhan 51:34 Challenges and Opportunities for Measuring the Impact of Training and Learning, with Kevin M. Yates 56:56 Instructional Story Design, with Rance Greene 54:28 Gamifying Workplace Learning the Right Way, with Karl Kapp 1:00:04 Workplace Learning in the Post-Covid World, with Sam Taylor, Jr. and Rick Housler 1:10:22 Learning for L&D Professionals, with Joti Joseph 1:05:08 The ten questions you must ask at the start of any learning project, with Joe Ganci 54:18 Writing Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning, with Patti Shank 43:23 AI and The Upskilling Imperative for L&D, with Maria Leggett 50:47 Design for How People Learn, with Julie Dirksen 1:00:19 Chatbots in Workplace Learning & Performance, with Vince Han 52:12 Curiosity & Learning in the Workplace, with Stefaan Van Hooydonk 57:24 Curation & Learning Ecosystems - Dealing With the Complexity That Damages Learning Culture, with Toby Harris 1:04:18 How to Solve the Right Problems in L&D, with Jennifer Tsang 45:03 Innovation in L&D, with Phil Reddall 57:57 How to Bring Performance Focus to Training, with Guy Wallace 1:01:56 Design Thinking for Learning Engagement, with Keith Keating 57:08 Building Learning Programs that Engage, with Kirk Donaghey 50:04 Learning Engagement in Supply Chain Training, with Dhiren Doshi 47:23