The Transition to Medicare Podcast
How are Medicare Brokers Actually Paid?
How are Medicare Brokers Actually Paid? 28:15 Top 5 Medigap Mistakes (How to Avoid them) 19:16 Top 5 Medicare Advantage Mistakes (How to Avoid) 18:22 Are Medicare Advantage plans BAD? 16:35 Are Medicare Supplement plans BAD? 16:10 Top Tips to Save $$$ on Prescription Medications 19:56 Medigap Plan N vs. Plan G: Which is Best in 2023? 21:30 Dental Coverage with Medicare? 21:43 Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap... Which is more popular? 23:52 Changing Medicare Plans (Is it too late?) 14:49 NEW 2023 Medicare Legislation (The BENES Act) 14:12 Medicare AEP is ending and 2023 changes are coming! 10:02 How to Understand Medicare Part D Coverage 16:42 Do Pre-Existing Conditions matter with Medicare? 12:54 Do you need a Medicare Broker? 12:54 What is Joe Namath trying to sell you? 15:49 2023 Medicare Open Enrollment // What you should know 23:43 The Secrets to Choosing a Medigap Plan and Carrier 17:52 Big Changes Coming to Medicare! | The Inflation Reduction Act 10:23 The Secrets to Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan 22:23 Most Important Medicare Enrollment Periods 15:28 Top 5 Medicare Mishaps 20:53 How to Guide: Applying for Medicare at age 65 19:23 Medicare's Infamous Donut Hole - What you need to know 22:21 Medicare Penalties - What they are and how you can avoid them 30:07