The Familiar Four
The Familiar Four 20:45 The Similarities Between Human Growth and Brand Development 24:43 Deconstructing the Archetype 32:23 Can You Return Your Brand to 100% Efficiency? 35:13 DNA & Client Journey Have a Lot in Common 24:39 Features x Benefits = The Product/Service You Offer 21:09 Culture Creates Community, Community Creates a Tribe 17:14 Culture, the DNA of Your Brand 20:53 Ditch the Pitch & Create a Magnetic Message 15:15 The Law of Attraction: Here’s Where You’re Wrong 16:17 Aligning Your Brand Starts With the "Who", NOT "Why". 18:29 The Lost Art of Critical Thinking & Problem-solving 15:46 Creating Clients, NOT Products/Services 21:21 Your Logo is NOT Your Brand 13:15 Leverage the 12 Archetypes to Transform Your Brand 16:46