Disc Golf Debate Night
What Stat Makes Calvin Heimburg Win and Is Sai Ananda a Fluke or Threat?
What Stat Makes Calvin Heimburg Win and Is Sai Ananda a Fluke or Threat? 1:09:48 How Can The Pro Tour Protect Cameramen, Gannon Buhr and Prodigy, Course Design 56:56 Why Can't Matty O Win on Tour? 42:26 20 Million Dollars in Disc Golf? 46:47 Did Kevin Jones Lose or Did Calvin Heimburg Win Vegas? 52:04 How Prodigy Suing Gannon Could Change Disc Golf 49:46 Hunter and Brodie Get HEATED 46:05 Does Ricky Wysocki Win a Major in 2023? And Pro Tour Dress Code 32:40 Is Simon's Deal Good for MVP? Winners and Losers of the off-season 49:08 Simon Lizotte Leaves Discmania, Brodie Smith's Deal, Anthony Barela to Discraft 2:22:31 Kristin Tattar Player of the Year Robbery, Lonestar Keeps Signing Pros, PDGA Growth | Debate Night 2:47:31 Simon Lizotte Going to MVP?, Worlds Coming to Lynchburg, Is Everyone Leaving Innova? 2:01:30 They Put the Worlds Trophy in a Museum?! 1:52:19 Anthony Barela Leaves Innova, Evelina Salonen Speaks Out, and PDGA Transgender Ruling 1:56:09 Bonus Episode: Brodie Smith Answers Hot Takes Live 1:17:01 Drew Gibson and Andrew Fish Stir Up Twitter 1:48:32 Brodie's Off-Season Fitness Goals 1:32:21 The Weakest Field of All Time? 1:39:50 Can Disc Golf Sponsorship Keep Going This Way?! 1:02:48 Brodie Gives the Inside Scoop 1:14:42 Brodie and Hunter Talk Tour Championship and Future Plans 1:08:28 Brodie Doubles Down on Disc Golf Apparel | Debate Night Twitter Spaces 2:26:51 Brodie Recap's USDGC and Previews the Tour Championship 2:07:50 MVP Recap and Thoughts on USDGC Changes 1:58:00 The #1 Thing Holding Disc Golf Back 1:28:09