IQ Insigniam Quarterly® Audible
Transforming The Approach To Digital Transformation
Transforming The Approach To Digital Transformation 14:17 Leadership Advice from Kara Goldin, A Dynamic Disruptor 6:13 Commercializing The Race To Space 10:16 Your Next Loan Officer Will Be A Bot 7:59 What is The Future of People Planning? 10:01 How One Question Delivered Medtronic's Game-Changing Surgical Robot 14:30 What is China's Belt and Road Initiative? 12:52 True Diversity Is Beyond The Pie Graph 12:10 Why Enterprise Transformations Fail - And What To Do About It 12:25 Leadership Lessons From Former CEOs Michel Landel & Bill Boisture 13:38 Innovating the Innovators: Mayo Clinic's First Chief Digital Officer Rita Khan 14:05 Why Conversation Matters In Your Organization 15:13 Purpose Eats Uncertainty For Breakfast: An Interview with New Truist CEO Bill Rogers 8:20 Looking For A Bold New Future? Start With Unhooking From The Past 4:24 What is the North Star for Strategic Planning? 7:06 Our Post-Pandemic Survey: 5 Critical Implications You Need To Know 16:21 Our Post-Pandemic Survey: The 5 Critical Shifts In Your Employees 17:54 The Beehive Effect: Complex Adaptive Systems 11:22 Transformational Leadership Starts With You 15:31 Prevent M&A Heartburn 13:01