IQ Insigniam Quarterly® Audible
Navigating Recession, the Energy Crisis and the New Geopolitical Risk Analysis
Navigating Recession, the Energy Crisis and the New Geopolitical Risk Analysis 11:04 How L’Oréal Active Cosmetics President Myriam Cohen-Welgryn is Spearheading the Dermocosmetics Market 15:09 Insights on Achieving Growth with Bonduelle Fresh Americas, CEO Andrea Montagna 13:46 Is Your Organization Ready To Grow? 14:38 Neil Archer Leads Bristol Myers Squibb Acquisition Through Disruption 11:52 Charting a Course to an Innovative Culture Within Your Company 13:19 Navigating VUCA Leadership in Today’s Complex Society 8:23 Uncertain Paths: How Travelport and Frontier Airlines are Navigating Global Disruption 11:29 In Search of 600 Million Good Jobs 9:42 Ways to End Healthcare Disparities 10:30 Finding Opportunities In Emerging Economies 12:24 Increasing Food Production For Growing Populations 15:38 Maintaining Security and Privacy Despite Disruption 10:17 Balancing Tech Regulation With the Need for Speed 14:51 The Next Pandemic and Increases in Drug Resistance 12:21 Rebuilding Education in the Midst of Covid-19 9:35 Climate Change Changes Business 18:19 Systemic Injustice: The Social Responsibility of Business 9:41 The Clash Between Organizational Transformation and Linear Thinking 11:26 Transforming The Approach To Digital Transformation 14:17 Leadership Advice from Kara Goldin, A Dynamic Disruptor 6:13 Commercializing The Race To Space 10:16 Your Next Loan Officer Will Be A Bot 7:59 What is The Future of People Planning? 10:01 How One Question Delivered Medtronic's Game-Changing Surgical Robot 14:30