Let's Talk Supply Chain (Asia Pacific)

I was taught how to think…

September 23, 2021 Jonathan Kempe – Let’s Talk Supply Chain Asia Pacific Season 1 Episode 2
Let's Talk Supply Chain (Asia Pacific)
I was taught how to think…
Show Notes

Join host Jonathan Kempe, and special guest Jay Fortenberry, a 40 year veteran of supply chains, on Let’s Talk Supply Chain Asia Pacific’s’ second episode! Jonathan and Jay discuss a number of highly relevant and applicable topics :

  • Hear about Jay’s long and impressive history in multiple global companies
  • We discuss JIT vs JIC vs a plethora of other acronyms that Jay has lived through
  • What we can learn from Peloton’s supply-chain disruptions
  • How TPS and other systems like cash-to-cash cycle management improve outcomes
  • How supply-chain collaboration and ‘walking the floor’ can save you time and money
  • Find out why  “…you don’t want to lose your rear-end over a thermostat”!

In a highly practical and condensed episode, Jay reminds us of a number of foundational skills that are critical for industry participants to learn and practice. Some of them may not be the latest buzzwords, but when implemented well, can massively improve supply-chain efficiency while decreasing costs, and increasing profit.