Clay Commons

Episode 1: After-School Special

September 15, 2021 Eva Masterman Season 1 Episode 1
Clay Commons
Episode 1: After-School Special
Show Notes

In Episode 1 we ask the question: where has all the clay gone? In the UK, we've gone from a kiln in every school and over 30 BA specialist courses to just 2 in the space of about 30 years. Speaking to veteran educators who have lived through this decline in HE education, we track the reasons for this against rising course fees and the general shifts in university models, and discuss what this means for the discipline. 

Far from going quietly into the night, however, clay has never been more popular, with  a huge rise in community and adult education spaces opening across the UK. We ask what is community ceramics, where has it come from and how the impact of popularist TV show The Great British Thrown Down has changed the landscape of who and how people access clay education.  

Contributors to Episode One:
Duncan Hooson @claygroundcollective
Christie Brown @xienbrownceramics
Ingrid Murphy @ingridamurphy
Tony Quinn @confederacy_of_dunces
Rich Miller @richmillerpots
Kate Malone @Kate_malone_cermaics
Jack Tan @jackkytan

Clay Commons was written, narrated and produced by Eva Masterman 

Executive Producer and editing by Aiwan Obinyan, edited and produced by AiAi Studios @aiai.studios

Artwork by Kelly Jade @crouchingbean


Supported by:

The Subject Specialist Network at the Centre of Ceramic Art (CoCA),York Art Gallery

Arts Council England 

Newcastle University