Clay Commons

Episode 2: Open Studio

September 22, 2021 Eva Masterman Season 1 Episode 2
Clay Commons
Episode 2: Open Studio
Show Notes

Leading on from themes of education and the decline in university courses in Episode One, Episode Two looks at alternatives to formal education and the rise of open studios and independent art schools. We meet some of the leading pottery studios in the UK who are challenging traditional economic models and providing university standard training for a wide demographic of people. Setting this against a wider movement of alternative art schools that have started to pop up in the wake of rising course fees, we also discuss the role of the artist in society and hop over to America to meet The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, to hear about the responsibility of ceramic studios to 'move well' into areas in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way for both the organisation and the communities they're working with.

A shout out here as well because I only managed to speak to an all white cast for this episode and there’s some amazing initiatives that are foregrounding Black and Brown histories and art practices and decentring the dominant white washing of the art world and education at large. Absolutely look up, support and go educate yourselves at 

Black Blossoms 

Mudbelly Teaches @mudbellyceramics 

Pot LA @pot_LA 

…to name but a few doing this incredible work!

Contributors to Episode Two:

Stuart Carey @thekilnrooms, Mark Essen @modern_clay, 

Polly Brannan @openschooleast, Jennifer Zwilling @theclaystudiophl