Spirits and Ghost Stories

Spirits & Ghost Stories: Appalachian Big Foot

February 03, 2022 Thomas & Carly Season 1 Episode 26
Spirits and Ghost Stories
Spirits & Ghost Stories: Appalachian Big Foot
Show Notes

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is a giant ape-like creature that some people believe roams North America. It is a cryptid (or species rumored to exist) just like the Chupacabra or Lock ness... There's physical evidence to suggest Bigfoot is actually out there roaming the depths of the forest. Join us while Carly gives us the historical details describing the origins, sightings, and theories behind the furry beast! 


Stories by W.R Wildwood



Sasquatch Museums 

GA and OR




Sightings by Michael Moneymaker


Scary stuff in the news: 


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