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Spirits & Ghost Stories 45: Missing 411-The Hikers that Vanished

June 25, 2022 Thomas & Carly Season 1 Episode 45
Spirits and Ghost Stories
Spirits & Ghost Stories 45: Missing 411-The Hikers that Vanished
Show Notes

Missing 411: The Hikers that Vanished | Spirits & Ghost Stories Podcast
 Missing people in the USA or across the world are an unfortunate but regular occurrence. In fact, with as many as 600,000 people declared legally missing in America. The federal government does not track the number of missing persons in national parks, but experts believe about 1,600 individuals mysteriously vanish each year while visiting parks throughout the United States. On today’s episode of Spirit’s & Ghost Stories we talk about the back history of the high number of missing individuals in our national parks and we delve into one story of what happens to a search and rescue worker who finds more than he bargained for.

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