Spirits and Ghost Stories

Spirits & Ghost Stories 49: Shark Attack Stories-The Reef !!!

August 12, 2022 Thomas & Carly Season 1 Episode 49
Spirits and Ghost Stories
Spirits & Ghost Stories 49: Shark Attack Stories-The Reef !!!
Show Notes

On this episode of Spirit’s & Ghost Stories we delve into a little guilty pleasure of mine SHARKS!!! Galeophobia is the fear of sharks and there are a few words in any language that can chill a person’s blood and strike fear into them than that one simple word SHARK. In today’s episode we delve into the stats and then tell a couple of frightening true stories of what happens when humans are in situations that make them about of the food chain. 

Tonight we are drinking a wine called: tears of Gettysburg 

Nick Peterson shark attack 


Real shark attack that inspired the Reef  


John Dyle who was attacked by a shark and lion in the same day.  


Réunion Island


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