Real Talk: Midlife By Design

Ep.16 | Midlife, Mindset, Money with Kylie Clayborne

November 23, 2021 Ericka, Curator of Zest / Kylie, Life and Business Coach Season 1 Episode 16
Real Talk: Midlife By Design
Ep.16 | Midlife, Mindset, Money with Kylie Clayborne
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Do you believe that your current mindset can have an impact on your ability to make money?

Do you believe that your mindset is something that is solidly fixed, or fluid towards potential change?

Do you recognize the ways your current mindset could be holding you back from your income potential? Luckily, our guest today has the knowledge to help us in both of these areas!

So, let's bring on a growth perspective that will help to enhance how we show up in the world, while embracing our ability to make more mula!

Kylie Clayborne is a mindset and business coach for female solopreneurs.

She helps the secretly ambitious, creative and sensitive, build businesses and make more money.

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Midlife. What does it mean to you? I believe that midlife is a place to recognize, reprioritize and redefine your purpose. It's a place of new beginnings, new personal growth and new adventures. Midlife is a chance to release your outdated labels and begin designing your second like journey. How? With heart centered experts, tangible tools and a supportive community. Why? Because if not now, then when? Now that's real talk. I am Ericka, your host and Curator of Zest. Let's begin building our Midlife by Design together. If you're enjoying this content, please follow and share this podcast with someone you care about too, as it truly helps to keep that zesty energy flowing and visit where you'll find more resources cultivated for your midlife journey on health relationships and more. 


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Kylie Clayborne is a mindset and business coach for female solopreneurs. She helps the secretly ambitious, creative and sensitive, build businesses and make more money.  


Ericka  01:19

Do you believe that your current mindset can have an impact on your ability to make money? Do you believe that your mindset is something that is solidly fixed, or fluid towards potential change? Do you recognize the way your current mindset could be holding you back from your income potential? Luckily, our guest has the knowledge to help us in both of these areas. So let's bring on a growth perspective that will help to enhance how we show up in the world while embracing our ability to make more moolah, Kylie, welcome to Midlife by Design.


Kylie  01:54

Hey, Ericka, thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to talk with you today. 


Ericka  01:59

Yeah, I'm grateful to have you here. I'm grateful to have you here. I follow you on Instagram. And your mantra is clear, and your message is solid. And so I'm really grateful to have you here. So our listeners can learn more, and hopefully apply some of these concepts for themselves. 


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Ericka  02:15

I'm going to jump right in here and just ask you, how do you define mindset? And why is it time for women to stop overlooking how it impacts how they show up in their lives? And do you think that outdated labels are part of the issue?


Kylie  02:29

Oh, my gosh, okay, such first of all, such good questions that you have. And so yeah, okay, so how I defined my how, I define mindset is the way that we think creates feelings our feelings, right? So your thoughts, create your feelings and your feelings drive your actions and your behaviors and your actions, the behaviors create a certain result in your life. And so what I do, and when I help the entrepreneur, the female entrepreneurs that I work with is I help them create an effective mindset.  So that they are thinking effectively and supporting themselves and having their own back and feeling confident. Because a lot of what our brains do our our human brains are really designed to keep us safe, to be efficient. And a lot of that is great, right? Like many, many years ago, when we were getting chased by, you know, saber toothed tigers, and all the things that was great. But now we don't really have those types of threats to our survival. And yet our mindset and our brains kind of fire off in the same way. And so, but that part gets a little tricky for us as we're growing our businesses, as you know, and starting to show up as entrepreneurs and creating businesses and owning what we want, unapologetically and asking to be paid and valuing the services and products that we're putting out into the world. And mindset plays such a big part of that, in fact, I really think it's like 80%, of building a business. And like 20% is like the strategy, right? 


Ericka  04:12

So mindset is key here. Right? So mindset really is a key component. And so do you think our mindset is like is it enshrouded in these outdated labels of who we think we are? Or who we've come to believe that we are and that's blocking the energy from us moving forward?


Kylie  04:28

Yes, I think it definitely plays a really big part in blocking us for sure. A lot of us deal with like fraud thinking and, you know, feeling like the imposter, all that kind of stuff. And a lot of that. So self awareness is really about taking, looking at all of the beliefs that you have, and deciding what you want to keep and what no longer serves you. And that is really, yeah, that's really how you start to design a life instead of living on autopilot or being in default thinking. It's like, do I like how I feel when I think this thought? Is it moving me forward toward my ultimate goal of, you know, whatever your goal is, right? Whatever, either it's a life goal, a business goal, maybe both of those, but like, do I like how I think do I like how I feel when I think this? Is helping me expand? Is it helping me move forward? Is it helping me grow? Because if it isn't, the beauty of that, and the beauty of mindset work is you get to decide you can decide to let go of thoughts. Most of us walk around believing every single thought that we have.  And our thoughts actually aren't the truth, right? The truth is what we choose to believe. And so it's just such powerful stuff. I could literally geek out on it for hours.


Ericka  05:49

You will have to come back and geek out more with us. But I'm really curious. Because yeah, I mean, we all hear about mindset, right? It's like mindset mindset. But I've never, I personally have never really connected with money and making money potential. So how did you discover the correlation with mindset and money with your own clients? 


Kylie  06:08

Well, yeah, such a great question. So the way that we think money mindset, like just super simple, it's just the way that you're thinking about money. The beliefs that you have about money. And the thing about that, that I find so absolutely, just fascinating is most of us don't choose our money beliefs. Most of us have money beliefs that have either been passed down to us through our, you know, family of origin, or lineage, our parents or grandparents, and, or, or, and maybe for most of us, is probably a little bit of both, both of these, to be honest, we've absorbed just what we think money is from people around us, or what people tell us money is about. And so what gets tricky is like, if you have for example, the rooted belief that rich people are bad or money is bad, but you really have the desire to want to go out and grow your business and make money that's really conflicting. And you're going to feel really conflicted when you get out there. And you're going to start and want to start getting paid for your services and get paid for your, for your products, right. And it really creates a disconnect for people. And it's, it leaves them really undervaluing and underperforming and honestly under earning Ericka because they just don't have they feel like, you know, if you think you know money is bad, you're going to you're going to want to do everything you can to not have that in your life, right? 


Ericka  07:45



Kylie  07:46

Yeah. And so it just kind of splits your energy in a way that doesn't move you forward. It makes everything so much harder.


Ericka  07:53

So i find, I find that it's like interesting, because it's the feelings too. So maybe you look out and you say you want this one thing. But whatever those established thoughts, our mindsets are, they generate a feeling the feeling feels icky. And so then you're reaffirmed back to that mindset that is limiting. But it's so interesting, because we don't necessarily know it. I know personally, my story was, I honestly don't believe that making money is a bad thing. I think it's an important thing. And I think if you have a service that you're providing, and you take pride and passion and that, you know, you can help people, that should be a great exchange there. But for me, what I discovered with you, thankfully, is that my money mindset was that other people provide for me, and I don't need to worry about that. But then as I got further along in my life, I realized like that's not necessarily serving and it's making me show up in the world small. But that but but it's like it was working for me. It's totally working. Really, what do you do with your clients? Right? So if they have a money mindset that's actually working for them, you know, and in the bigger picture of like, your basic needs home, food, clothing, that type of thing. How do you shift them out of okay, yeah, it's working. But if you redirected, embrace something new, these things are possible, how you move them out of that?


Kylie  09:10

Yeah, that's such a good question. I love that you asked this question. This is something I also struggled with a lot. And I call this abundance skills. This is something that a lot of women feel that are like, I work with women. So I don't I don't know if we said that in the beginning. I'm not. I'm not purposely trying to exclude men, but I'm just saying a woman or women. So when women the women I work with, some of them do come from the affluence. They do have all their needs met.  They do have an abundant life. And yet a lot of them, what I find feel and feel like they're hiding a little bit. They want to do more. They kind of use it as an excuse to deflect, deflect responsibility and like stepping into that next level of their growth. And that's really what their soul is longing for. Like, if we're really getting real, it's not about the money, right? It's about them stepping into that next journey. Growing into the next version of themselves and shedding just like a snake shed skin, them like shedding their old self. And that's absolutely what you are doing and it's, it's so great. But that's how I help them start to shift out of like, okay, it's great that you're coming from a place of sufficiency, because I just want to say like, that's a beautiful place to come from having abundance in our lives. That's the thing that a lot of people feel a lot of guilt around, right? It's like, wait a minute, I have all I have things in my life. I have my needs met. I have actually more than enough. And I but yet, I feel like I'm hiding behind that. Because like, I don't really need to go out and make more money. That's not really that important.


Ericka  10:55



Kylie  10:57

Yeah, so I just help them start to see like, first of all, if they're, if they're on the phone with me, they definitely have a deeper inner nudge, or, you know, intention that they're wanting to, you know, showcase to the world. 


Ericka  11:13

Yeah bring that up, because how do I know? Right? So say your life is abundant, and you are quote, comfortable, but so the nudge, okay, so if a nudge keeps coming up, what's the next thing? And why do we really need to take action on that? And I'm going to add on, especially in midlife, because this is kind of like the big kahuna if you are going to leap, leap. So how do we know that nudge is something that's saying, hey, it's time to do something? How you know how you differentiate that?


Kylie  11:40

Right? I know, it's such a good question. I think that anytime we have a desire for something that we also have the ability to make it happen. And that's just a, that's just a belief that I hold. It's an intentional abundant belief that I hold, because I don't believe that source, energy universe, God, however, you all want to think of it. However, listeners want to define it for them. I don't believe that we get those desires or those nudges, if we don't also have the ability to make it happen. And so,..


Ericka  12:13

I love that.  so that's also a mindset too, right? You have to believe, you have to believe If it's common at you. And it keeps coming at you. It's because it's supposed to. It's up to us to make that thing that nudge come forward into real life. I like it. So yes, it's calling upon you. So take action with it.


Kylie  12:33

Yeah, absolutely. And some things do, you know, there's a lot of things, just speaking from a personal perspective that I've tried and maybe haven't panned out, or maybe turned out the way that I thought or whatever, but I always just hold the belief that like, it definitely grew me in some way. Right? It definitely expanded me in some way. And I don't know if I know you're like this, Ericka, just from our several conversations, and there may be some listeners that are like this, too. But I like to think about, like, is this expanding me? Mm hmm. Or is it contracting me? And anytime I feel like it's expansive, and it's expanding my heart center, my growth, then I try to lean in toward that. Because I feel like that's a nudge that's going to lead me somewhere, even though I may not be able to see exactly where or how, or you know, that the result of that in the in the moment. Does that make sense?


Ericka  13:26

Totally, and I'm thinking so is that also another powerful component to mindset is that maybe we don't so we get, we get past thinking we can earn money, it's not yucky. And just because I'm abundant doesn't mean I can't do more. And then the nudge keeps coming. So you're like, Okay, nudge, I hear you. I am taking action, but as the next important step to be not become fixated on outcome. Because if we do that, and we fall short, which the reality is, is more often than not, that's kind of the process. That also like what do you tell your clients then to you get them up and go in there moving but you know, that that launch didn't go as well, that product didn't do as well as I thought it would whatever the circumstances, how do we keep moving forward? How do we how do we, how do we reaffirm ourselves? What's a tool for that?


Kylie  14:13

Well, I think you just you, you hit it on the head so well, because you're right, like there's so much particularly about being an entrepreneur. And I know not everyone listening this podcast is, but just there's there's a mindset of moving from an employee mindset into an entrepreneur mindset. And not always looking for, not that there's anything wrong with having an employee mindset, it's just that when you have an employee mindset, and you're trying to be an entrepreneur, it can be problematic. Because, you know, employees kind of have a tit for tat mentality, right? Like I get in, I get out and when you're become an entrepreneur, there's like a lot that you have to put out before you might see any sort of return at all. And I mean, like, a full year, a full two years like. And it's easy to feel or slip into some entitlement and all that kind of stuff because it's very uncomfortable. And what you're talking about, which I love so much, I'm such a proponent of, of discomfort, right and getting outside of, of your comfort zone and, and realizing that like negative emotion, whenever you're moving towards something, and you're quote unquote, finding yourself feeling like you're failing. It's really just how I'm either low learning or growing. Like, that's just how I think of it. I'm never like, oh, I failed. I'm like, Okay, well, I just learned five ways it doesn't work. 


Ericka  15:35

OK. There you go. And that's, that's the good stuff, right? That's how we know. And that definitely is a place of growth, you now know what doesn't work. And so you can shift and do something different. It's a it's definitely a mindset about how we show up, how we feel things and how we choose to put energy towards them. 


Kylie  15:53

Yes. And it's uncomfortable as hell like, I mean, I'm not even gonna lie. It is. It is absolutely uncomfortable. And we, you know, humans are really conditioned to kind of avoid things like that. But I'm always with all my clients, like, what is negative emotion just means that you're making progress. Like not negative emotion doesn't always have to mean like, Oh, I'm moving in the wrong way, or this isn't the right thing, or I'm not doing the right thing. Or I'm not doing it right. A lot of times, it means, hey, I'm actually moving in the exact right direction. This just feels very foreign, because I've never done it before. And since my brain is always going to want to pull me back to what's safe, and what's known and what status quo. It's my job to continually kind of grow that container and, you know, lean into my growth mindset, and put myself outside of my comfort zone.


Ericka  16:47

Yeah. And with that being said, I'm going to assume that sliding back into thinking as part of the process of change. And would you say, that's why it is so important that we have a coach. We have an accountability partner. We have someone that's like, hey, just what you just said, You are not growing. Maybe it felt negative, but it doesn't mean it wasn't growth. Right?


Kylie  17:09

Oh, my gosh, yes. So it's, your mind is like a house. It has many, many rooms, right? Like, and there will be days where maybe you're in the room of doubt, right? And having someone there to help you, like, first of all, help you process and like get awareness and like, look at what's going on. And then when you're ready, like hey, we can maybe take a few steps over into the room of hope, or over into the room of neutrality, because for some some of us, like if you're really in doubt, going all the way to this, like, things are great. I'm on top of the world, is like way too far of a jump, right? So like, baby steps toward, you know, where you want to go. But I always say like every week when I meet with clients, like we get them back in their belief house, right? Because you've had, you know, midlife like what 40, 50, 30 years like of thinking and showing up in the world in a certain way. And so that process of like, rerouting some of the maybe doubts that you have some of the scarcity thinking that you have, it takes time y'all it takes it takes some time, which is why I only work with people on a weekly basis. Because you have so much that's pulling you back toward what you know, right? It's like I always think of it like, like if you drive an old truck down a dirt road, like over and over again, when it's rained, and it just gets those like deep ruts in the road. And you can literally take your hands off the wheel and the truck will drive itself, right. Brains are like that. The way we think, is exactly like that. And so we know with neuro neuroscience and neuroplasticity that we can rechannel that we can actually rewire our brains. And you know, that's such good and amazing news. But it does take practice and it takes someone like you're saying to have you back by your side that's got your back that it can help you kind of see what you can't see a lot of the time. 


Ericka  17:13

Yeah, well, because if you're going down those already mud streets, their stuff splattering up on the windshield. And so you just sort of go you don't necessarily see it because you can still keep going in that direction. And once again, like a basic needs are met, it's really easy to believe that you don't need to do anything else. And I love that you use the analogy of a belief house, because you can store all of that in there. But I also kind of see that like you can also clean stuff out and add stuff in that's more supportive of what it is you want ultimately in your life. You don't have to be stuck behind the muddy windshield, if you will.


Kylie  19:18

Yeah. And I think midlife is such a great place. I mean, I think that that's such a you know there's a lot of people that talk about a midlife crisis. I always think it's so helpful to talk about it as a midlife awakening, right? Like, awakening toward like, what it is. Because for so many of us, like our kids have, have gone I know, you know, that's been the case for you. Like our, our kids are off, they're creating their own life, and they're doing their own thing. And we have this like, opportunity really to, like kind of reinvent ourselves and re kind of re awaken and reconnect to maybe some new things, maybe some things that maybe got lost along the way. 


Ericka  19:51

Yeah exactly.


Kylie  19:56

I think it's so helpful to just have somebody to first of all, just to talk to and to, like, help help you kind of explore some of the ideas that you have in your brain about moving into midlife and, and all that good stuff. So yeah.


Ericka  20:50

Yeah, I think it is, it's important because we can get stuck, right, we can get stuck. And we can get stuck in. Well, this is what works. It's always worked, why do anything different? And we can get stuck in Well, this is who I am. I don't know how to be anything else. We can get stuck in while I'm sad now. And I don't know what to do. But that's okay. Because I'll just look forward to Friday night, Netflix, or whatever this is right. But and it's comfortable. But yeah, as you said earlier, it's important to embrace discomfort, and to see the challenges that come with that as a growth place. And I think like when we're taking action, maybe we don't notice the sorrow so much. We're taking action. There's a new energy and excitement that comes with that, when we're taking action, we're becoming more of the person were meant to be. I believe, because I felt like when we're in service, especially as a mom, that our lives can be so much about everything else that's going outside of us. So being uncomfortable, taking action kind of lets that like you said, pick up the things that maybe you once loved, or it may be even discovering something new, that's even more inspiring for you in your life. So I do I love that. So feel that belief house and make sure you have someone there that understands your journey that sees you as a whole person. And that can encourage you along the way when it gets challenging. Because you're right, it is hard and it can suck.


Kylie  22:05

It is. I just truly believe, though, that we're all here to grow. And that that is you know, people think of transformation like butterflies and all that. And they It is a beautiful process. But we forget that like that that caterpillar literally dissolves its entire body, right? It goes through a process of like, dissolving its whole self to become something new. And so yes, it's exciting. It's amazing. It's also it's also uncomfortable and and parts of it are painful. And so I just want to encourage anyone that's maybe midlife and had the nudge to try something or lean into something to do it. And you don't even have to tell anybody.


Ericka  22:48

That that's your right, it could just be your journey. It doesn't have to be. 


Kylie  22:51

It can be your thing!


Ericka  22:53

And I love that you brought that up to Kylie because maybe not everyone is an entrepreneur, but that doesn't mean the concepts doesn't hold value, right. And I know me personally stay at home mom, all of my value came from outside of me and all of my needs are taken care of by my husband, right? So you don't have to necessarily be taken on the world to hear this message. Because I think it's important that we understand, we can do other things and even coming back to like money. So I just want to ask you this question because maybe this does shake up some people that are like in my situation that have been stay at home and have looked outside for people to take care of things that maybe go into some of themselves. So what would you say is one of your personal beliefs that you hold about why women need should think about their ability to create an income as well? 


Kylie  23:43

Oh, my gosh, yes, I love this question. I truly believe that the more soulful women that are making money, the better this world is going to be. I believe that money is a magnifier that it just makes you more of what you already are. So if you're an amazing, you know, giving person you're going to just be more amazing and giving.  And what I've run into so often with the women that I work with is they feel like it's either authenticity, their authenticity, or making money and that it can't be both right? And so that we we really work on unpacking those beliefs and helping them land in a place of like, actually, the more money I'm making, the more I'm be able to help those around me the more I'm able to give back to charitable causes that I love that are deep in my soul, the more I'm able to just show up in the world and not hide my gifts away. And, you know, share, share those out with people that can benefit from whatever it is. But yeah, a lot of it to Ericka comes back to the good girl conditioning that women get put in a lot.


Ericka  24:56

Oh that is funny and you don't even have to define that instantly. I think you hear good girl and you know what that is.


Kylie  25:01

Oh, yeah, be small, right? Keep your voice down, self sacrificing, prioritize everybody else, even other strangers that we don't know. Their thoughts and feelings ahead of your own it gets very, very problematic for women when they start to show up in the world. I mean, I've never seen a man apologize for getting a promotion, or wanting a new car or wanting to drive a you know, wanting to buy a new home. And yet for women, and nor should they, right? But for women, it is like this thing, they feel really icky around really wrong for wanting and it just is like, I'm like not on my watch. It is like my mission to really help empower women start to first of all own what they want. Yeah, we have a hard time even just saying what it is we want figuring out because we've spent so much time being, you know, helping others truth, right? Because that's what we get told. That's what we get told in our world. And culturally, this is what a woman does. This is how she, you know, shows up in the world. She prioritizes everyone ahead of her own, even at her own decline, right? 


Ericka  26:16

Yes, yes, yeah. 


Kylie  26:18

And so all of that good girl conditioning just starts to really flare up, when we step out and really try to, you know, ask for what we're worth. Create something. It just, it really, really gets problematic. So...


Ericka  26:35

Well, yeah. And I think that kind of goes back to maybe that's part of the nudge, too, right? It's like, you just arrive in a place where you know that you're ready to expand, you're capable of doing more, and you have the energy to expand into it. So why not? That's I think that's also part of that. But you want to reprogram what you've been told, it's worked, it's beautiful, but it's not everything. And it's not necessarily fulfilling for where you are in your life now.


Kylie  27:01

Right. Right. And again, like I just like to go back to self awareness is really about taking out all of your programming and looking at it and being like, do I like this? Did I choose this? Did I put this thought there or was this put by someone else, because that's what I discovered, when I started to do a lot of this thought work on my myself. It's like, I don't even think I chose this. I think I just thought it one day too long. And it suddenly became the new, you know, the new normal for me. And I actually don't like that. I don't want that anymore as part of the story of who I am. And I get to decide, I get to decide who I am. I get to decide what I want to think about myself. And all of that is just going to be helpful to those around me right and I want others to feel that way too. The more you have your own back, the more you know, grateful you are to yourself. The more you feel like you're the one, you're the Savior that you were maybe looking for. You know, the the more you'll just start to trust yourself on levels that the universe responds to, in ways I can't even explain really, but yeah, so sorry, rant there. 


Ericka  28:15

No, no, that's fine.  It is a powerful rant. Because I also liked how you brought up, it's about serving still. So just because we're pulling back, to focus on things that matter to us.  To discover who we are what we want, what that message is really about to take action on it. It doesn't mean that we're being selfish, it doesn't mean that we want to operate alone. It doesn't mean that we're not engaged and things that make us connect it to things that matter. I think he's like ypu said, it makes us more of that. And the more of that we become, the more that we can serve to other people that we care about and also now beyond. So I mean, I think that's a really powerful point. Yeah, you have to delve in so that you can expand, be more, do more. For more people. It's not about just me being completely selfish and closed off from the world. So I think it's really good to distinguish that too. I think that's fabulous. I love the rant. Thank you, Kylie. Yeah, I wanna I want to ask you, so how can our listeners find out more about your offerings and be become a part of your community.  Because like you said, this is not easy work. This may even be work that we don't realize we need to do. And once we start delving into it, maybe there's some things we discover we don't like, and it's easy to just slide back and be like, Hey, sister, I don't really need this. But the reality is, at some point, you really do to have a fulfilled life. So how can people connect with you to get that support, to get that coaching to help them stay on track when things feel overwhelming and too big? 


Kylie  29:40

Yeah, for sure. So there's a few places. I have a manifesting accelerator workshop. It's going to be a work a one day workshop, where I'm going to be going in even deeper to some of these concepts and really helping people tune in and tap into abundance. So they can make more money so they can definitely get it on that you can find me on Instagram, I have a podcast as well. So it's called The Abundant as Fuck podcast. There there is some some, you know F bombs from time to time, that may not be their thingsd and I totally  understand, but that's just me. It's how I roll and so I keep it very real. And then you can also visit my website, which is


Ericka  30:25

Yeah. But Kylie, you know, that's the beauty of working with you, though is that the truth is presented, but it's also presented with a kindness. And because you care, you just want your clients to move forward and be the full person that they're capable of being and then a scary place to be. So we need that honesty, we need that truth. And yeah, unfortunately, we need the bluntness too, but what I kept up with love, and you know that that person has your back. Then it's a totally different experience. So I think it's powerful that way. So I have to ask you a final question. Honestly, even with all the great stuff that we tend to chat about, this is still my favorite question, because I love how everyone shows up and that uniquely, and it still gives that same sentiment. So I have to ask you, Kylie, how do you define zest in your life?


Kylie  31:11

Oh, my gosh, I love this so much. Okay, I have so when I was thinking about this question, I was like I have, there's so many things I could say. But I really feel like the zest for me is curiosity. That just staying curious. Staying compassionately curious is something that I do a lot for myself and for others. And that is always really zesty to me, because it's always the truth. And it's always so much. It's so much. It's expansive. And so it feels zesty to me to stay curious and develop my curiosity. I don't think I was probably somebody that was just naturally like curious as a child. I think it's definitely been something I've developed over the past few years. But I feel like that's a good zesty place for me. And then I also find like, early mornings, when it's quiet are also like, my Zest. That is like my restorative zest. I don't know.


Ericka  32:14

It's quiet, you can be in your own space, doing your own thing. But going back to curiosity, I love that you add compassionately, curious. I've never heard it said in those terms before. And I think that's wonderful, because it kind of holds space for everyone going through that process. So I love that Kylie.  Absolutely love that.


Kylie  32:33

Well good, as most of us are good at, like coming down on ourselves. And, you know, yeah, so compassionately curious, is just so much more expansive, and get in gets you so much further. I just also want to add, like when you're just in your brain judging yourself for judging yourself, you're just kind of layering negativity. But if you can step back and get compassionately curious for like, what's going on here. It's just so it's going to give you so much more data, truthfully, and insight.


Ericka  33:04

I am. I like that. But I also like that you said, that's something you just added. So it goes back to that belief house that house the belief that we can add stuff in and we can evolve and expand and grow as people so that is a beautiful concept. Thank you for sharing that with us. And Kylie, thank you so much for being here today. I I love what you have to share. I love the passion you have behind it. And I think it's really important that you're out there helping women discover they have the ability to be something more and it's okay to want more moolah in your wallet in the process. So thank you so much.


Kylie  33:39

Yes, thank you for having me. Ericka, you know, I love you. So, thank you so much. Thank you for everyone listening and I hope to connect more with anyone that drifts my way. So thanks again.


Ericka  33:56

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