Real Talk: Midlife By Design

Ep. 23 | A Wholistic Approach to Well-Being with Coach, Corie Mustoe

January 11, 2022 Ericka, Curator of Zest / Coach Corie Mustoe Season 2 Episode 23
Real Talk: Midlife By Design
Ep. 23 | A Wholistic Approach to Well-Being with Coach, Corie Mustoe
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Stuck, it seems to be an interchangeable theme for midlife!

AND a feeling of being stuck in your own personal wellness can be a challenging hurdle to overcome, especially with all of life's shifts happening at once!

You may know it's important, yet you're not clear in your personal why.

You may know some benefits, yet you're not clear on how it could truly impact your quality of life.

You may know you want to make some of the changes for better health, yet you don't know where to begin after so many years of doing little to no physical activity!

Today is the day to help you get a bit clearer on your personal wellness as our guest has the answers to these questions and more!

Corie Musto is a certified health and life coach for women. She's passionate about coaching women and guiding them to a life they want to live and truly deserve.

Working with her as a coach, women begin to live a healthier lifestyle by setting goals and doing the work necessary to thrive.

She has seen the scenario play out time and time again. It's rewarding for her and for her clients. What a time to celebrate.

Her clients also enjoy a journey of self discovery to their gain benefits include more energy, less stress, and inner peace. Other benefits include proper nutrition, guidance, weight, loss, confidence, boost, and most of all, feeling like yourself again.

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Ericka  00:07

Midlife. What does it mean to you? I believe that midlife is a place to recognize, reprioritize and redefine your purpose. It's a place of new beginnings, new personal growth and new adventures. Midlife is a chance to release your outdated labels and begin designing your second life journey. How? With heart centered experts, tangible tools and a supportive community. Why? Because if not now, then when? Now that's real talk. I am Ericka, your host and curator of Zest. Let's begin building your Midlife by Design together. If you're enjoying this content, leave a review on Apple podcast and share this podcast with someone you care about too, as it truly helps to keep the zesty energy flowing. Visit where you'll find more resources cultivated for your midlife journey. 


Ericka  01:09

Corie Mustoe is a certified health and life coach for women. She's passionate about coaching women and guiding them to a life they want to live and truly deserve. Working with her as a coach, women begin to live a healthier lifestyle by setting goals and doing the work necessary to thrive. She has seen the scenario play out time and time again. It's rewarding for her and for her clients. What a time to celebrate. Her clients also enjoy a journey of self discovery too.  Their gain benefits include more energy, less stress and inner peace. Other benefits include proper nutrition guidance, weight loss, confidence boost, and most of all, feeling like yourself again.  


Ericka  01:53

Stuck, it seems to be an interchangeable thing forbid life. A feeling of being stuck in your own personal wellness can be a challenging hurdle to overcome, especially with all of life's shifts happening at once. You may know it's important, yet you're not clear on your personal why. You may know some benefits, yet you're not clear on how it could truly impact your quality of life. You may know you want to make some of the changes for better health, yet you don't know where to begin after so many years of doing little to no physical activity. Today is the day to help you get a bit more clear on your personal wellness, as our guest has the answer to these questions and more. Corie, welcome to Midlife by Design. 


Corie  02:35

Hello, Ericka, how are you? 


Ericka  02:38

I'm doing really well on this Friday. It's it's a good place to be. How about you?


Corie  02:43

I'm doing well. Also we've had gorgeous weather here in Kansas City. And so that always helps motivate me to be able to get outside and enjoy the weather. So I've loved it.


Ericka  02:53

Absolutely. That lack of humidity has been a welcome, welcome gift. I can definitely agree with that one. 


Corie  02:59

Yes, very much. 


Ericka  03:00

So I want Yeah, I mean, you can't you can't you can't be unhappy when humidity is not in the in the forecast. I love it. 


Corie  03:09

That's right. 


Ericka  03:10

So I want to jump in just a little bit, Corie, because you have so much experience of guiding people through their wellness, specifically women. And so I want to have this conversation that kind of reawakens women to the possibility of bringing wellness into their lives. And I want to know,what have you discovered over the years, while working with your clients is the best motivating motivator for them to seek and maintain their health? And what is one tool you use to help them get clear on their why? For their well-being.


Corie  03:40

Right? Those are such amazing questions. And they're neither one of them are quick answers. So bear with me. You know, women come to me knowing and feeling that something just isn't right in their life. That's kind of the trigger. They just feel like something's off, maybe they feel sluggish. They've often used the words to me, I feel stuck. And they might be overweight. They're tired of being preoccupied with the food that they're eating. They're monitoring everything they eat, only at the end of the day to not see change happening. And that's very frustrating. So that's what prompts them to reach out to me. So however, I quickly remind them to become mindful and gain perspective about this stuckness. That it's not just about seeking to be in a pair of skinny jeans, if you will. It's more of a necessary shift towards knowing that the changes that they need to make will impact their entire body and well being physically, emotionally and socially.


Ericka  04:50

That's very and wow socially. I love that you throw that one in there. And then listening to you. It seems like your clients come to you with clarity, so it's really clear that sense of stuck, feeling sluggish, all of those things. Does anyone ever use a lack of time for a reason? And I'm only curious, because if you're in midlife, and you've spent your time prioritizing everyone else, do you that your clients sometime find to just simply challenging to put themselves in their needs on their calendar?


Corie  05:18

Oh, absolutely. And you know, I want women to feel better each day and to age gracefully. So when they come to me, saying that they're stuck, they know that they need to change, but maybe they're not exactly ready to change. So that's where I can kind of boost them. You know, there's always excuses of time. There's life happens. There's always going to be a reason. There's always going to be a birthday party, a company dinner or a vacation. Well, I can't start thinking about health and wellness yet, because I'm going to the Bahamas, you know. This is about living life to the fullest. We're not, you know, anything, if anything, we're adding more into your life. So, you know, I had a client that was wanting to start working with me, but she had three or four reasons that she needed to start in two weeks. And I listened very patiently. And I said, Enough, we're not doing this. Let's start now. And guess what she started, she lost the excuses. She realized that time continues. And this has been you know, a few months ago, and she's now lost over 25 pounds. And in our most recent session together, she said to me, and I literally was estatic, she goes Corie my body now craves exercise. So isn't that cool?


Ericka  06:59

That is cool. I'm sure like, I don't hear that in my house very often.


Corie  07:04

Yeah. So she's still committed to focusing on maintaining her healthy lifestyle, creating it and working towards her goals. So my point is, is there's it's just self care shouldn't be a time drain s.elf care should be value added to your time. Does that make sense?


Ericka  07:24

It totally makes sense. And I love how you just brought it to the forefront that it's about pulling it into your life. So you put it on the calendar, it's part of the vacation, it's part of the family time, it's part of the celebration. It's not removed from our, our daily choices, our lifestyle, and it's just kind of how we show up in the world. So that time excuse does go out the window when that happens. I do think it's easier to put it on the calendar when we integrate it into our overall life. And yeah, you're right. And sometimes we need people like you to help push us so that we can actually see that. Put it into practice. So what do you think are the factors that determine when your clients can begin to feel these results? So you get them over that hurdle of time you get them into integrating it? How quickly do they start noticing those changes, or like you say exercise is something they begin to crave?


Corie  08:17

You know, it's very, very individualized. It's very interesting, and I'll share a story with you. I had a client reach out to me she's extremely unhappy with her weight. And I've been working with her for probably 13 weeks. And she has lost about only seven pounds. But I say only because she was hoping to lose more. However, she got into the exercise movement mode. She just ran a half marathon at my encouragement. 


Ericka  08:48

That is fabulous.


Corie  08:48

So she's making change. She's making forward movement as a midlife woman to feel better about life. So we kind of broke this into let's talk about movement. Let's get your world of movement where you'd like it. And then guess what, this last week we started talking about the nutritional part of her world. So as far as determining when my clients see results, it's very individualized. However, my clients that oftentimes have projects that are forever whether that be starting to joining a Pilates class, eating more fresh greens and fruits moving more. A lot of times these have been on the backburner, and they just need that support. I understand you, I'm going to be your accountability coach. And then that leads them down the road of hey, I've got this and it's really a beautiful place for them.


Ericka  09:44

And I like that and I like that you brought up but it takes time and different phases, right. So maybe movement is a component, but nutrition is also a component. Getting yourself in the calendar is also a component. But it's all like we have to be patient with ourselves and the more we can and fold those things together, then the more we'll begin to see those results. And what would you, yeah, so what would you say? So it sounds like weight loss is a topic for women in midlife, but when they're kind of slow in the weight loss area, what are some other benefits that they're finding, when they exercise and put nutrition and put themselves back onto the schedule?


Corie  10:23

There are a lot of benefits. They start seeing that they're sleeping better. Which is huge, you know, we sleep so much. It's such a huge part of our life. So they start to sleep better. They wake up feeling more rested. They've see a self esteem boost where they're like, I'm just feeling these feelings I haven't felt in years, thank you, this is really cool. They really can't pinpoint it, you know? Hum, there's just as you say, there's that internal zest that increases that goodness of, the Sun seems a little brighter today, and I'm not so cranky to my kids. And, um, you know, things just feel a little more flowing along more smoothly. So they, they, like I said, they sleep better, they're less moody, they have more energy, they are turning within a little bit more. Which is we know, Ericka, there's so much goodness inside of us, that we just need someone to help us pull out to be our best self.


Ericka  11:22

I bet that one right there is like that's kind of that would actually gave me chills a little bit. Yes. Because I do believe that when we're so busy being mothers and wives and caregivers, and all the things that it's so easy to lose count of who we are, and kind of forget who we truly are. Because we're kind of hiding and working through all the labels that we've attached to ourselves. So it sounds like moving and taking care of ourselves. And having someone to encourage us encourage us in that journey is also like a way of unearthing ourselves once again. So we can be full, complete people. 


Corie  11:54

Exactly, we just find that calmer, more centered you and ..... I do most of my sessions via zoom, and just how the persona of these beautiful clients changes over the weeks of feeling kind of defeated and lost and lonely, to they start the conversation and they're like, this is what I've got going this weekend. Can you believe I checked this off my list? And it's like, whoo, so these are woohoo moments for these beautiful souls. Yeah, as you said, that have lived with so many labels. And the label that's missing is the me label of, who am I? What do I really want the second half of my life? Does that make sense?


Ericka  12:34

That totally makes sense. And I think it's important for people to hear that because I do believe we attach to these labels because they had so much value in our lives. And so our value can get stuck back there. The challenge is that time is moving forward, which means we are also evolving and moving forward. And then we stay in those labels when we'll never get to discover those aha moments and be that complete whole person again. So I love that that's part of the conversation. That's part of what movement can do for us in our bodies is help us rediscover who we are. And kind of rekindle that confidence and that energy in those things that really matter, matter in a quality life. That's, that's that's a fantastic point. Good for everyone to hear and to be reminded of I believe. So what do you think is one simple exercise, right? Because when I hear exercise, and especially today, I feel like things can be a little bit intimidating because like CrossFit comes to mind, or lifting heavy weights come to mind, or for me personally, I see you jogging all the time on your stories. I'm like, Look at Corie jogging. I will never do that with you. I'm gonna say never will I do that with you. Love to go on a walk but not jogging. And so what do you think? So that's like our concept of exercise has to be hard or struggling or all of those things. What do you think is one simple exercise that gets overlooked, that can add a lot of value and maybe even just a good place to start for someone who hasn't moved in a long time.


Corie  14:01

Just simply walkin. You know. Just get out and move. And I share with my clients even if you have been sedentary for years, put on your shoes and walk around your backyard three times. That may sound silly. 


Ericka  14:13

Oh Okay. 


Corie  14:15

Backyard, then guess what? Go walk around your cal-de-sac then guess what? Go walk two cul-de-sacs, you know build it up to where you are out moving. And I can't stress enough the importance of getting outside and moving. And you know lace on the shoes, it's free. When you can get out into nature. That's even better. There are studies that our stress goes down. We turn within a little bit more when we are actually in nature. And in our community, Ericka as you know we have gorgeous, gorgeous trails back in nature. So it also is walking helps lower stress. It helps us maintain or lose weight. And for postmenopausal women. Walking can lower your blood pressure up to 10 points in just 24 weeks and that is huge.


Ericka  15:02

That is that's profound. It perfectly epitomize the whole, just start where you're at. And we can have those type of end results, starting where you're at. That's, that's huge,


Corie  15:14

Exactly, just getting out and moving. And then the second one I highly, highly recommend is stretching. And stretching just feels so good and increases flexibility. And as we know, as we age, we don't want any injuries. Stretching increases circulation and blood flow. And stretch bands are so inexpensive. And you can get them at your local Target or WalMart. They have beautiful stretch bands. And there's great YouTube videos that show with how to stretch and it kind of opens your heart center and really helps with overall body wellness. I love those two, walking and stretching are good places to start.


Ericka  15:50

Yeah, and I love that because both of those things you can do at home. 


Corie  15:54

And they're very inexpensive, right?


Ericka  15:55

Yeah inexpensive, do it at home, start where you're at and just get your body going again. And I would imagine that honestly, both of those things probably help you discover what may be going on in your body. Because we may not realize where we're actually stiff, or where we're actually weak, or where our endurance is or mobility is. So those are really good measures to to just kind of see where that baseline is. And I love the idea of walking how you said start in your backyard, out on the cul de sac, because it gives you progression and different goals that you need that kind of once again, I think sparks that confidence encouraged to do more things.


Corie  16:31

And one thing I would like to add is selfcare can be free. Such as the stretching such as the walking. People get it mixed up with self improvement, which those of the people that want to do a facelift, okay, that might be self improvement on their terms, but that's very expensive. So let's talk about, let's talk about self care, and how much more valuable that truly is to our mind and body. And you mentioned, when we're out moving, it lets us know what's going on in our body. But it also lets us know what's going on in our mind. What's up there, what's bothering us, what's triggering us? What do we need to release to be our best selves. So there's nothing but goodness that can come from stretching and walking? 


Ericka  16:34

Yeah, I do love that. Because movement definitely does release the stress that's on our bodies and the thoughts that come forward. So yeah, I think that's something we definitely discount. And yeah, and a face, and a facelift can maybe help with things but it doesn't get to tuned in to what's really going on inside that physical body. So yeah. 


Corie  17:28

You get that. 


Ericka  17:29

I do. I think that's a valid, valid point. So you've already mentioned that how walking can greatly reduce your blood pressure in a short amount of time. What do you think are three more reasons why women specifically in midlife should begin moving their bodies again? And more importantly, how can they adjust their expectations of what their new body can do while discovering their vitality?


Corie  17:53

Well, it's just, when you start with your movement, just love your body as it is today. I really stress that. Just love where it's at today. Don't beat yourself up, you know, don't think you're going to be an expert, because you're not. So even though you are choosing to lose weight and gain strength, you need to learn to love your body as it is today. And along the way, it will become stronger. And I hear that from my clients a lot of times. I'm feeling stronger. My legs are feeling stronger. I'm feeling stronger, emotionally. I'm ready to get up and do this. So you know if to answer your question. It's just basically to find that inner child almost to connect with that excitement of getting outside and and feeling the wind blowing on your face. And, you know, maybe sitting on a blanket in your backyard and doing your stretches or hop on a swing at a local park. You know, there's some of that goodness and the fun that we just think I can't do that. But why not? Yes, you can. You know, so just anything that has to do with movement. And it's so important. And one other thing with movement is, it allows for me time. As we talked earlier on, we want that quiet time that me time. That alone time is just so important. Please, please, please do not feel guilty, that you're taking time away from your routine, from your household, from your cooking, from your chores, to get out an exercise. It is just as important to take time for you.


Ericka  19:12

Very valuable message. And I also feel like when we are when we drop the whole guilt thing and really bring that energy back to self, we're able to better show up and all of those, quote, responsibilities and tasks that we have anyway. And if we're happy, we can do this with a little more joy, versus the dread. That dread that comes with a list right? But taking care of ourselves, prioritizing ourselves, we are genuinely filling our cup what gives us more energy, more productivity, and hopefully more joy in the process of like, you know, managing the lives that we've created for ourselves. So that is powerful.


Corie  19:48

And one area if you don't mind I'd like to share is about creativity is is I really encourage my clients to get creative. You know creativity sparks wellness. There's actual scientific studies that when we let our creative juices flow, we feel better. Whether it's crafting or gardening, you know, those raise our dopamine, which is a natural antidepressant. So tapping into your creative energies is so important. So just be mindful of that as well.


Ericka  20:16

Yeah, I actually liked that you also talked about playfulness coming on back to that and like hopping on a swing. And I it's funny that you said that because I was just telling my my daughter, a few days ago how much I enjoyed swinging as a child.  Like, literally, it was one of my favorite activities. And now at 48. I'm like, is it okay for me to be on the swing? But you just gave me permission. So thank you! Coach Corie says yes. Yes, yes. That is fine. Yeah, that playfulness and creativity. I love that you fold that into movement and a whole complete wellness perspective. And I just don't think we hear that enough. I think when we put that hat on, I'm an adult, we kind of forget all that playful stuff. So I think it's fascinating and amazing that you're sharing that with your clients. What a what a powerful tool for them to have in their toolkit. So...


Corie  21:04

Well, thank you. 


Ericka  21:05

So and I felt like so asking this question I, I think you probably already do. So the question that was specifically, do you support your clients in the efforts with less traditional wellness practices? So creativity, swinging, but are there some other things that are a little less traditional that you continue to encourage them to fold into wellness?


Corie  21:25

Yes, I do. And as they say, I'm also in addition to being a certified health and wellness coach, I'm also a certified aroma therapist. So I incorporate essential oils into almost every one of my clients plans. Whether that be, you know, essential oils for rest, essential oils for energy, essential oils for low mood. There's so much goodness that can come from nature through beautiful little essential oils. So we talk about that, then the essential oils can get us into more mindful breath and deep breathing and like back to the whole idea of nature. So I actually do encourage that. And then also, energy work is so important to tune into your own body, of where things are feeling stuck in what you need to do to focus on. You know, maybe your heart centers feeling tired, or he's just got this headache. There's reasons and we need to learn to tune into our bodies. And as a reiki practitioner, I can definitely help with on sticking the stuck, if you will, in your body for the energies that just need to keep on moving. So I'm definitely am a proponent of aromatherapy and reiki energy, the creativity component, which we just talked about. Yeah, I love that. And so I'm gonna say, does it improve their overall sense of well being from like, incorporating the senses into that, so you're having that with aromatherapy, but I'm imagining with Reiki, it's also really about like movie mat, as we said, stuck with life energy through so there's space for something new to come in.  Is that kind of how that works? Exactly. There's, there's, you know, it's our little capsule, which was we call our body, and I work with them on self love and self talk. And self talk is such an important thing that I incorporate into the aromatherapy with the breath work. And, you know, a client said to me, just this week, and this just gave me goosebumps, the second half of life is inward. And I'm like, Oh, that's so cool. You know, it's just kind of the beautiful thing of looking within. And you can do that with the movement.


Ericka  22:57

Yeah, I love that. That is really profound, because it is our whole lives, I think, are outward, it's out out, out. And that really starts kind of like, I feel like in our 20s, right?  The teens were kind of there. But we're still trying to figure out who we are. The 20s I think we start making choices that force us to go inward. And I don't mean force, like in a negative way. I mean, I know that my late 20s through my 30s are some of the most fulfilling times in my life. But I'm also knowing that now in my late 40s, it's all trying to figure out so how do we how do I get this going again? Because it hasn't really been about me, it's been about everyone else. So that's profound that that second life journey is about turning inward. And it's beautiful, that there's so many tools today that are available for us to do that. And not only work on our physical being but also our spiritual being and our mental being in helping all of those things come together.


Corie  24:21

And I do think that with people such as yourself and myself, there is more of a nod to it. Okay, good. Come on, let's do this. You've got so much life to live and I treasure that, that we're able to do that. It's like declaring our if you're feeling stuck in life and you're ready for change, take time to declare to you or to me or the universe. Hey, I'm ready for change. How do I make that happen?


Ericka  24:48

Absolutely. Well, Corie working with you sounds like a most wonderful experience.


Corie  24:54

It's fun. We have a lot of fun I love my clients.  It's very much, I'm as excited to see them as they are to see me. So it's a win win.


Ericka  25:03

It's wonderful that you have so many ways to motivate, support and encourage your clients. And it's not just a one dimensional approach. It's a full, whole body person approach. And so I love that about you. So you have to tell us, you've already shared many wonderful tips and tools, but please let our listeners know how they can find out more about your offerings, and become a part of your community.


Corie  25:23

Sure, thank you, Ericka. My, my business is just simply called So it's That's my website. And I can be emailed at And I have a wonderful website with lots of different offerings. There's some blog posts just about self care. And then I also have some offerings on My Courses page of how you can get discounted to essential oils. So that's very special to me, as well. And then keep in mind that my clients are virtual. So I have clients all over the United States. It doesn't just have to be local. I have a client in Utah, California, Florida, Kansas, Missouri. So lots of fun clients throughout the country, which is really exciting for me as well to meet people from all over.


Ericka  26:08

Yeah, that sounds absolutely fantastic. So man, I that's, that's amazing. And what a world we've opened up to, to that we can kind of reach out and connect with people in that way. That's really actually fabulous. Yeah, that's fabulous. So you have to tell us, Corie, and I'm really looking forward to hearing this answer from you. How is it that you defined zest in your own life?


Corie  26:30

Well, you asked me to think about this. So I did. And it's basically waking up and feeling grateful for another day. And keeping my goals in mind and working on each day is important to me. And there are some nights that I will sit out on my back patio, I have this gorgeous fish pond that I just adore. I'll sit on my back patio at night and listen to the fish bubble. And it might even be midnight or later. And I don't want to go inside and go to sleep because I don't want my day to end. Because I just love life. And so it's just feeling that zestful and loving life and being grateful to be alive and in the moment. So that's pretty much how I define it. 


Ericka  27:38

That's fantastic. Embracing what is.  Yeah, because then we were just in that moment, whatever it may be taking what we need from that time and those people and that exchange and that's in that energy. That's beautiful, Corie I am grateful for today. I mean, what a great, great interview, thank you for everything that you've shared. Thank you for sharing your passion, your knowledge and what's on your heart. And kudos to you for elevating women in their entire wellness so that they can be whole complete beings, so I really thank you for being here today.


Corie  28:11

Thank you a lot. I appreciate it. I've enjoyed it.


Ericka  28:22

I appreciate you holding space for these conversations to help you rediscover the essence of who you're capable of becoming. So you can choose to live your life authentically without apology. Want transcripts for this podcast? Visit where you'll also find more resources cultivated to guide you and reprioritizing and redefining yourself for your designed second life journey on the Zestful Movement blog. You can also become part of community by joining our weekly essence I was asked newsletter during your visit to the site. Until next time, please do keep it's zesty.