Coast to Coast Romance

Behind the scenes with Skylar West

September 19, 2021 Ann Jensen & Skylar West Season 1 Episode 5
Coast to Coast Romance
Behind the scenes with Skylar West
Show Notes

Behind the Scenes with Skylar West

We ask her about her:

  • What series are we highlighting? Crown and Cross and The Sons of Sicily 
  • What’s your favorite book in the series – Skylar discusses her book, His to Learn – Jimmy Falcone – story premise – Optional series name - Favorite female character is Suri from the Crown and Cross series. Description of the Laughlin plot. Description of Suri – she comes from a dark place and created herself anew. Skylar draws parallels between herself and Suri.
  • Was there a specific character that you found challenging to write? A&D series, Jax hardest to write obstinate obtuse, dominant pain in the ass. Discusses how Jax and Finn eventually get there HEA
  • Did you have an external inspiration for the series like another writer or series you have read? I want to create the perfect sex scenes. The connection between the two mains has to be unique vein of connection, meant to be in someway. Discusses external inspirations, like other authors.
  • Where your characters all developed in advance? Discusses the Memory Cathedral based on Leonardo Davinci – her process maps out in her head and develops as she writes. She sees the plot pathways. Process is organic.
  • Have any of the characters gone down a path you didn’t anticipate? Yes, book 3 in A&D changed the direction of the series.
  • How do you organize your characters for a series? I make notes afterward in notebooks that look like really bad vinn diagrams. Plug for Angels & Demons are really representing the corrupters of the earth and the Angels are the saviors trying to safe the earth and move it forward.
  • Characters loosely based off people you know. All the characters have a characteristic of someone I know both the ones I like and the ones I don’t like.
  • Skylar offers advice for readers and writers.

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