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HoopLA- 21

September 28, 2014
Show Notes
Intro, contact info and shout outs, Emails, Lebron's Admission, D Wade's 'No S*** Sherlock' Statement, Who did Phil Jackson say trained harder than MJ?, Michael Beasley just signed with a new, underrated team, A 5 player trade deal between Cleveland and Boston, Bleacher Report ranks top 10 Shooting Guards for this season, Bleacher Reports top 10 players who need to wash their ass, Random NBA facts, Another round of Nicknames, NBA Trivia Voice Mail Number: 424-261-4878 Leave us a VM and we’ll play it on air, Hoopla on Facebook, @thehooplashow on Twitter, Email us at Be sure to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and Stitcher

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