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October 10, 2014
Show Notes
Intro, Announcements, Emails, NBA's new $24 Billion TV deal and how it affects the league, Dino solves the mystery of Lebron’s Hair Line, Our opinion of Open Court's Next 10 List, Paul Pierce and Joakim Noah involved in a little preseason "skurfuffle", Kyrie Sprained his ankle in practice, Chris Bosh needs to stop talking, Jeremy Lin, Michael Beasley ,and more Follow us on Facebook under Hoopla, On Twitter @thehooplashow, email us at Leave a voicemail at 424-261-4878 and we’ll play it on the air Leave a 5 Star Review on Stitcher and iTunes and we’ll read it on air Donate to the show at and check out all new material Feel free to send articles discussing things you want talked about on air to

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