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The Shiznit Show-51 #BlackLivesMatter
January 18, 2015 Dino Red
TSS Crew covers a lot of ground today. The Weasel runs over a pair of scissors, Charlie Belle watches Glory again, and Dino stumps the crew with a question from his daughters 1st grade homework, is the level of education really that bad? Mixed race people say they are not black, Beverly Johnson's mangager calls b.s. on her Cosby incident, Oprah criticizes the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Md. Woman Pleads Guilty in Exorcism Murders of 2 Toddlers Chief of Police shoots wife, twice, WTF is a Nullo? The Hyperloop is coming, My Husband is not Gay and another great ‪#‎AskTheAverageGuy‬
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