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HoopLA- 43

April 04, 2015
Show Notes
No Aaron Rand Freeman this week and no more announcements about it, The usual intro in the beginning, Craig Sager is still sick, Shaq at the Justin Bieber Roast, Lebron only has how many friends, Kyrie on life with Lebron, Horace Grant tells another story about MJ being a jerk, Kevin Durant’s thoughts, Storm and Spiritt have the first Lebron fight in a while, Steve Kerr/Doc Rivers/Draymond Green, Putting Lebron’s Career in Perspective, Shane Battier credits who for the Miami Heat run last year, and our game Follow us on Facebook under Hoopla, Spiritt Gee, and Dino Red, On Twitter @thehooplashow, email us at Leave a voicemail at 424-261-4878 and we’ll play it on the air Leave a 5 Star Review on Stitcher and iTunes and we’ll read it on air Sponsored by

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