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The Shiznit Show-150 #CraigMack RIP
March 17, 2018 Dino Red
No Pip SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT DeJong Birthday recap? LUNELL PARTY My Dad Health Update Anniversary S/O Steak & BJ Day Celebrity Deaths Craig Mack & Stephan Hawking A custodian takes advantage of National School Walkout White Men Stockpile Guns Because They’re Afraid of Black People Scientific American by Jeremy Adam Smith 78 percent white and 65 percent male. It must be noted that the sample size was small because—despite widespread American gun ownership—just 3 percent of the population owns half the guns in the country. Who is Flippy? Zodiac Signs Ranked From Nicest To Bitchiest 10 Foods to Avoid for the Flat Belly Does Music Give you Goosebumps? Toys 'R' Us Is Closing All Its US Stores DeJong's Dating Do’s and Don’ts EMail, VM (424) 261-4878 Twitter @TheShiznitShow @PipLilly @ Miss_DeJong Please give us a review. For Donations
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