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The Shiznit Show-175 Kyle Green Wants to be Your House N
September 15, 2018 Dino Red
This week's topics include A Dallas Police Officer Shot Her Neighbor The Dine and Dash Dater Paul Gonzalez 45, charged with 10 felonies up to 13 yrs. Oklahoma Zookeeper 'Joe Exotic' Indicted for Allegedly Trying to Have an Animal Rescuer Killed “Justice for Sanjay” Is the Latest Rallying Cry in HIV Crime Cases Kyle Green Man Fined $124 For Kicking Seagull The Highest-Earning Hip-Hop Artists Of 2018 Pips BAH #QOTW What is the right age to lose your virginity, what age did you lose yours? QFNW What song would be the theme song of your life? Farewell to Brand X EMail VM (424) 261-4878 Twitter @TheShiznitShow @PipLilly @ Miss_DeJong Donations
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