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The Shiznit Show-177 Sex on the Beach W/ a Puerto Rican
September 29, 2018 Dino Red
This weeks topics includes Pill Cosby America's Dad is doing 3-10 Jesse Williams to direct Till Brian Banks Wanetta Gibson Roger D. Washburn, 71, Ind, Pistol whips friend of 50 yrs Amber Guyger Has been fired FBI says there is a 40% chance you can GAWM Kenan Thompson getting his own Show Space elevator 60,000 miles up: Space elevator could be built by 2025 2035, says new study Pips BAH #QoFTW If you had the choice of being a different person every day and coming home to the same family or being the same person coming home to a different family every day which would you choose? QFNW What is something you hated about yourself that you now like or consider a strength? Shoutouts Mr Moody is BACK!!!! TallShon Lord Snooty Dr. Jamiko Bell D’osha Moore VM (424) 261-4878 Twitter @TheShiznitShow @PipLilly @ Miss_DeJong Donations
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