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The Shiznit Show-178 GateWay Pu$$y
October 06, 2018 Dino Red

This week’s topics included:

This Gender Reveal Party Resulted in a Massive Wildfire and $220K Fine

'Dine-and-Dash Dater' Felony charges dismissed

Houston mayor pushes back against 'sex robot brothel'

L.A. Man Fined $550 for Riding Bird Scooter While Intoxicated, Knocking Over 64-Year-Old Pedestrian

FBI Agent Shot by Killer Wheelchair at Indiana Jones-Style Booby-Trapped Home

LAPD Arrests 4 Suspects In Celebrity Home Burglary Ring Case

Netflix Is Responsible for 15% of the World’s Internet Traffic

Cardi B turns herself in to NYPD after fight at strip club

Are Lady Gaga's 'Little Monsters' trashing the 'Venom' movie online?

Enrique Iglesias Explains Habit of Smooching His Fans

#QOTW What is something you hated about yourself that you now like or consider a strength?

QFNW Name something the hype from other people has totally ruined for you or made you not even want to check it out?
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