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The Shiznit Show-186 Burger For a BJ
December 09, 2018 Dino Red

This week on The Shiznit Show:

Transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted inmates jailed for life

Grandma mistakenly booked into a Miami jail as a man

Florida Man Arrested After Offering Undercover Cop A Hamburger For a Blow Job

Burger King offering 1-cent Whoppers if you troll McDonald's

PA 300 pound woman guilty of crushing boyfriend

Burlington man accused of assaulting stepfather with frying pan

War on Porn Tumblr to ban porn after getting Dropped from AppleStore

Starbucks bans porn on their Wifi YouPorn bans Starbucks from their offices

Tyler Perry Plays Santa Claus 

Which State has the most Xmas Spirit?

Pips BAH

#QOTW You get to erase one and only one Christmas song forever, which one is it?

QFNW What are some past resolutions that you have kept?

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