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The Shiznit Show-190 Dino is Pissed
January 06, 2019 Dino Red

This week on The Shiznit Show:

Security Guard Who Fatally Shot Suspected Shoplifter at Hollywood Walgreens Is Charged With Murder

Florida Man Arrested After Yanking McDonald’s Employee In Dispute Over Straw, Kicked Another Employee Before Leaving

McDonald’s customer arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on group of teens 

Police departments send condolences to Kentucky officers in mourning after doughnut truck fire

Kansas teen will get high school and Harvard diplomas in same month

A Florida girl had her SAT result flagged

Alfonso Ribeiro reportedly suing Fortnite
Flu cases are on the rise: Doctor urges people to get vaccinated

Dejongs 3D’s

#QOTW What happened in 2018 that you don’t want to repeat in 2019?

#QFNW What is your fav hobbie or past time?

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