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Witches Betwixt - Episode 7 - Solitary vs. Coven Practice
August 15, 2018 Witches Betwixt

Coven life can be difficult for queer witches, so we often tend to fly our brooms solo. In this episode Jay and Scott share their experiences as solitary witches and as co-creators of a coven. 

 Show Notes:


 Witches Betwixt is a queer witchcraft podcast run by Jay, a transman and Scott, a gay cisgender man.

 Through light-hearted conversation centered around serious topics, the two explore and discuss modern day witchcraft through a queer perspective.

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 ***As of the recording date, Jay's partner used "she/her" pronouns. As of the posting date, Jay's partner now uses "they/them" pronouns. They also manage the BRAND NEW Witches Betwixt subreddit so don't forget to check that out!***

 "Under Suspicion"
 Lee Rosevere
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