Witches Betwixt

WBTWXT EP #13 - Spooky Stories

November 09, 2018 Episode 13
Witches Betwixt
WBTWXT EP #13 - Spooky Stories
Witches Betwixt
WBTWXT EP #13 - Spooky Stories
Nov 09, 2018 Episode 13
Witches Betwixt
Spirits, demons and curses - oh my!
Show Notes

Spirits, demons and curses - oh my!

*** We're running into some issues in which our Skype recording loses chunks of audio in random intervals. I've (Jay) done the best I can with this episode to find those points and cut them out. Unfortunately, this happened early in and we lost a good portion of Sophia's Samhain recap.

Next recording session, I've got a new plan of attack to tackle the audio issue but for now I hope you all enjoy this episode and we'll keep working to improve the quality. ***

Show Notes:

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They also host their own witchy podcast called Down at the Crossroads.



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"Under Suspicion"
Lee Rosevere
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