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Witches Betwixt - Episode 13.5 - A Witchlet Is Born
November 26, 2018 Witches Betwixt

Sophia introduces Joyce, a seasoned member of Witches Betwixt but a mere witchlet in their exploration of witchcraft.

In this episode:

Sophia (she/her) & Joyce (they/them)

***Audio Only listeners: We have to label this episode as 14 for logistical purposes but please understand that it's really more like Episode 13.5. Thanks for being awesome and we hope you enjoy the podcast!***


Witches Betwixt is a collective of queer witches representing a wide variety of magical practices and spiritual paths. We release a 45+ minute episode bi-weekly in which we discuss various topics relevant to the experience of a queer witch. 

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"Under Suspicion"
Lee Rosevere
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