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Witches Betwixt - Episode 14 - Mental Health
December 09, 2018 Witches Betwixt

CW: Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, BPD, DID, Violence, Murder

This is a bit of a heavy episode; pause, take breaks and do some self care if you need to.

Mental illness is a serious issue in both queer and witchcraft communities. The Witches discuss their personal experiences with their mental health and how it intersects with their queer identity and personal craft.

In this episode:

Jay (he/him)
Scott (he/him)
Sophia (she/her)
Joyce (they/them)

Show Notes:


Witches Betwixt is a collective of queer witches representing a wide variety of magical practices and spiritual paths. We release a 45+ minute episode bi-weekly in which we discuss various topics relevant to the experience of a queer witch. 

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"Under Suspicion"
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