Long Covid Podcast

16 - ReDIRECT study

January 04, 2022 Jackie Baxter Season 1 Episode 16
Long Covid Podcast
16 - ReDIRECT study
Show Notes

Episode 16 of the Long Covid Podcast is a conversation with Emilie Combet and David Blane who are leading the ReDIRECT study - a study into how weight management can help people with Long Covid. The study is modeled on one that has already had some successful results in other areas.

This study is now live and recruiting - if you are interested, or even think you might be interested, please do go to the website below to sign up or ask any questions that you might have.

ReDIRECT website: redirectstudy.co.uk
Direct Study: https://www.directclinicaltrial.org.uk/

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