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Long Covid Podcast

Jackie Baxter

The Podcast by and for Long Covid sufferers. Long Covid is estimated to affect at around 1 in 5 people infected with Covid-19. Some of these people recover within a few months, but there are many who have been suffering for well over a year.‚ÄčThere is currently no cure for Long Covid, and the thousands of people still ill have been searching for answers for a long time. In this podcast I hope to explore some of the problems and possible solutions, mixed with personal experience from those who know it best - the Long Haulers. The Long Covid Podcast is currently self-funded. This podcast will always remain free, but if you like what you hear and are able to, please head along to to help me cover costs. ~ Follow me on: Facebook @longcovidpodcast ~ Instagram @longcovidpod ~ Twitter @longcovidpod ~ Website ~ Please do get in touch with feedback and suggestions, either via the social media links or at - I'd love to hear from you. The Long Covid podcast is entirely self-funded and relies on donations - if you've found it useful and are able to, please go to to help me cover the costs of hosting.

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