Visionary Publisher & Collaborative Changemaking with Radhaa Nilia
Naturally Prosperous Woman
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Naturally Prosperous Woman
Visionary Publisher & Collaborative Changemaking with Radhaa Nilia
Sep 14, 2021 Season 1 Episode 1
Tara Preston, New Paradigm Feminine Leadership Mentor, Akashic Teacher

Radhaa Nilia is a profound visionary publisher bringing together the stories, medicine and  gifts of Starseeds from around the world into collaborations that speak directly to the heart of these transformational times.

Join myself and Radhaa as she shares with 3 very powerful collaborations that were birthed through higher inspiration during this rapid times of change on the planet.

During this interview Radhaa Shares:

  • Her background as a producer in LA, and how she brings those same strengths to her gifts as a current global visionary publisher. 
  • 3 upcoming book collaborations you must check out if you desire to contribute your story to the collective evolution of humanity right now (special offer)!
  • Her own creative process and what it takes to powerfully anchor the visions that we are being called to birth during these times.
  • Her work with the goddesses
  • How her visionary publishing style and collaborative book projects are weaving healing and magic for not just the audience but the authors as well through healing deep persecution wounds around speaking truth!
  • Her unique way of bringing together authors to inspire collective healing, and the way-showing of what's possible right now. 

And so much more. 

You don't want to miss this!

Join us. 

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