Wigs and Candles

Marie Antoinette

May 29, 2022 Andreina Romero and Gabriela Mörken-Romero Season 2 Episode 3
Wigs and Candles
Marie Antoinette
Show Notes

Acclaimed by many as avant garde cinema and derided by others for being too frivolous, Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette,'' from 2006, offers indeed a lot to talk about!

Starring an outstanding Kirsten Dunst, this Marie Antoinette is a woman full of passion, motherly love and sense of duty–perhaps a more sympathetic portrayal than we have seen in other films.  

Either you love the colorful and luscious production design and celebrate the modern touches of pop music and teenage-like parties, or you’re irritated by the immaturity of the king and the superficiality of the story-telling. 

Which side are you on? 

***Spoiler alert! While reviewing this film we go through key scenes and may reveal the ending, so be warned of spoilers!***

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