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12 Time World Surf-Ski Champion Oscar Chalupsky
June 19, 2018 Paul Blackbeard / Oscar Chalupsky
Zuberant Life Podcast

12 Time World Surf-Ski Champion Oscar Chalupsky

June 19, 2018

Paul Blackbeard / Oscar Chalupsky

We had the opportunity to sit down with 12x World Surfski Champion Oscar Chalupsky. The discussion ranged from strategies used in training, mindset, preparation and how his motivation has changed as he's gotten older. How Oscar utilises Qi, Flow and MOJO to reach the pinnacle of his sport. Fittingly, this was recorded next to the ocean!
We had the opportunity to sit down with 12x World Surfski Champion Oscar Chalupsky. The discussion ranged from strategies used in training, mindset, preparation and how his motivation has changed as he's gotten older. How Oscar utilises Qi, Flow and MOJO to reach the pinnacle of his sport. Fittingly, this was recorded next to the ocean!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:15Zubin laughing, I'm sending one of my heroes and an emphasis on, oh, we got back at least centrally assuming in those days. Ten years old with Frank Gray and a guy and he was out at a coach. Boys jumped spring, you know Terry, you remember him being allowed to and catching people's body. Wakes up on his wife, remember still around. He's living in Brisbane and the gold coast. So that means that we go a long way back and obviously you are my hero because you were winning all the races and I was trying to be up there with his swimming as well as obviously people who don't know. You asked about it and I'm not sure that many people who don't fit anywhere, top times world champion. And of course the big thing that everybody remembers you for probably as the Molokai, which you've been winning for nearly 15 years.

Speaker 1:1:07When the last time I went it was in 2012 and the first one was in 1983. So when I was 20 and funding effort or started with an Australian, the Grand Kenny, we went to junior and senior iron man sort of one month after I'd won it in South Africa and from that day onwards, the salary in government, the Saudi laughs, any associated try to have a race between grant and it never happened and I actually went to away for an ironman race, which he never arrived and he wasn't ever going to just one. But I heard about this Monica race and I had to stay there, sacrifice everything, give up my university Korea and go and go straight to a race grant in 1983. And then I went on to win seven a row. And then the last one that taught her. How old are you then? That was putting on then and uh, and I still say I'm still a bit in my mind that when another one just to put it right out of anybody's reached too.

Speaker 1:2:04So that's the current challenges. Yeah. So I mean, again, it's, it's, it's one of those things I have to have good conditions. I'm not getting younger, but I don't think I'm getting any slower, so it's interesting that after anything I'd probably let 50 meters. I'd probably. You've probably found the same thing when you go much, you lose much more time in a 400 hundred, but I mean you talk about your current success is you just come back from Hong Kong last weekend and the world championships, so it was the world championship which is an rcf world championship and then Monica has just been a world champion for a long time. This is the third time they had it and I made top 10 in the men, the men between 23 and 35 or 40 and then I came with just did that all with a few young guys, but Musa was right up there and it was a tough race.

Speaker 1:2:50It wasn't as technical as as the doctor, so hopefully I do a better job in the doctrine and crystal. Yeah, I was just talking about discipline, discipline. I've always been very disciplined. I mean I think back even those days I was always the only one doing all the hours I used to. I used to live on a beach, soccer to the beach, go to the beach all day, train all day, cycle home and again now it's even more when I had no family or anything and that was probably more just that I'm worried about. I wasn't even drinking alcohol or anything like was really focused, but then I just slowly realized it's better to get it more overall balanced sort of laugh and I think that's important. I mean even though I still train hard, I still go out and have fun, socialize. I'm one of those people have you and they always say if you give a busy person something to do, he will do it straight away.

Speaker 1:3:45You're getting at me now and I'm one of those places I like somebody sends me an email, they're going to get a response and SMS, they going to swansea. None of this take three days to reply. Even if I class, I'm going to reply in a few hours the time. So I'm one of those people. But discipline is so key things. Do you think it's the sport has given you a background? Yeah, I think it's. I think it's probably even started as far back as seeing my old man when I was very young. Obviously he was a top pad lender keeping it pushups and swimming and used to be used to push it. He said, listen, he said at 6:00 and wake up and becoming something or not. You had a cane one night and the boys did it reduce the and he was doing very well in the sport and so I think so maybe that brushed off.

Speaker 1:4:27I always read a lot of books on nutrition, reading other books on, on, on what other people are doing and then always look up to guys that are really achieving and read the book because I don't ever. I don't waste time. There's an interesting thing. I'll never read a novel. Was it, what a waste three. And uh, I remember even when a movie I only watched other or something, real life, I couldn't, some fictitious thing. I'm just not into that one. But. So I don't even, I don't even entertain. It depends. I think it makes me the worst when I see as a movie that says, and I think it's a true story, and I finished the whole thing is that this was based on. This wasn't actually true. I get so cross. I wasted two hours of my luck. Yeah. On something which is complete rubbish.

Speaker 1:5:10Talk to you a little bit. Your Ci in energy. Where does that come from? Your, your, your, your, your loudness and when you in the race, how do you keep smooth and fluid and all those sort of things? I think. I think our, unlike most people, in fact it's very strange and assuming it's been peddling, what gods do, they're just going and peddle. I never just going to go and other doing technique and I spent maybe four or five, six days a week doing technique and then if there's wind blowing then I'll do a downwind so I'll never actually just don't pedal. I'll just only be doing techniques a month from the swimming and tennis and the Gulf and the rugby and the water bottle. All these sports I played. You had to do drills and and peddling. There's no such thing, they just all pedal 10 times 25 and swimming I know do catch up and legs and arms and we did and they don't do that in pending where I do it and I think that's why I've managed to be voice of concentrating and focusing on technique to get faster and faster as I get older and older.

Speaker 1:6:09Less balancing that with the new training methods of math and things like that. So and I again, and so when I put in my mind doing a diamond like roughness race, the first thing I says, first thing I put in mine aren't as concerned technique. Then where I'm going and then the waves and things like a bad technique and and being calm and relaxed is very important. So how do you keep engaged all the way through? Then with that, in fact, that's why I know I can win the Molokai because most people can't concentrate for three and a half hours because it like hours. You make one mistake. You can lose a race by one minute of one note, Monica, over 20 minutes and 15 seconds. So you can't make these kinds of mistakes and I think I'm one of those people is fairly focused.

Speaker 1:6:51And, and uh, is there a technique or something that helps you kind of keep that focus all the time? Again, I mean the whole thing is, is a concentrating because I do so much technique all the time is just becomes second nature. I mean I think like Zane bolt or, or federal, they do a lot of techniques that don't play tennis. They do technique and funny enough I can imagine if there's lots of hundred meters, there's any technique and races on the race day. So I'm similar to that and I feel that if I'm concentrating my technique and watching other people and they don't get phased with other people and then I've got this burning desire to still win, you know? And that's why the end that's just start. And it's funny like sometime in your life and there's big money I want to win a little bit and then there's none of this guy's pulling the wrong boat.

Speaker 1:7:42I must be him and this guy a only 30 years younger and I must be telling. So that is the kind of things that pushed her along. Yeah, they're driving and they change all over the, through your laugh because when you need cash and we need to better your sale, this is good money. I make sure I do this. Then you've got your boats when you want to beat this. So those little challenges. And again I've finished and I'm always like before the race I say, Hey, where are you going to say? And I said, okay, if I have a good rates with average rates, 15, I'll be disappointed. I come to the top 15 because. And so my goal is always much higher than anybody else. Except I'd only, I do expect to be, you know, restrict yourself. Yes, I stretch myself. Talk to me about the doctor.

Speaker 1:8:22You come out here to do the doctor now and this video will come out off the road. So you're not going to reveal any secrets, but talk to me about your approach for this. The big tower from the, from the time you rub and thinking through the race to the end, how do you worse if I get. I mean I watched these other athletes and just watching her, they warmed up what they did to me. It was like, these guys haven't thought about it. The whole thing that I do is I really think about are racist. So even though you think I'm happy, go lucky. Having drinks and having fun, I'm very focused on all the details. I'll make sure my votes 100 percent. That's the first thing you deal. Don't. Then I'll, I'll mainly start doing my pedals when the race is not because you've got your gut.

Speaker 1:9:00Your body's going to. I mean I've just traveled from Portugal from. You've got to get your body clock right so it knows, okay, at 1:00 it's going to be full house and I know that I'm going to prepare, have my breakfast and I see how long it last and all those things. I like to have everything done. Absolutely perfect. Norman Wexler, my fellows know when I'm going to drink my water. No know what time and I had my breakfast where other people that I can see, they just sit around and I just thought of another day. They haven't, they don't think about it. It's where I'm thinking about job loss for the evening meal preparation upfront is the most starts. How many hours? For two or three? No, even like a week before, like I said, okay. Now, right now, from after Hong Kong said, okay, I rest then a flood, I a chair.

Speaker 1:9:42I said, okay, today I'll do. I won't do much more. Uh, ran and Singapore, they gave sure an hour just to see, get the body clock going. Then today and tomorrow? No at, at a restaurant. I'll do a pedal evening. I'll do a race and then I know, okay, now that's Friday. I know. And then so Thursday night. No alcohol. Friday night? No, no alcohol. Just because I know I'd give myself two days or so. So. So again, that's that far in advance and I'll just practice what I'm going to have and what Tom and I have my race on. Bulletproof coffee. I don't worry about anything. I don't ration water, the ATK pedal no water. Again, it's because my body's, I've listened to my body and my body says doesn't mean what it. Why has it taken? So it's very different to other people.

Speaker 1:10:27They always say, what would they say you must have us to do? It's your buddy and people don't know them. You know? And most people just take whatever they've written. They take it. Just take whatever. I don't ever have water. I'm under three hours, no water. It can be 55 and my whole body to be lean and actually in a fasting state to say, okay, now I'm going to be hunting those guys to go fast and then get my food after I finished about the mental side. As you're hunting those guys and the rest because maybe you started with. Yeah, I mean I try that again. I've tried, I think, okay, maybe I'm going for, but they do get a hit and there's just only one way, but at a time I slowly caught up in the same thing in Hong Kong or when they went very fast and it's like an elastic than I started coming and then I started catching as a window, especially if it's technical in this race.

Speaker 1:11:17I hope in the last five kilometers I'll probably make up 10 position perfect onto. We had a tracker in France after two kilometers as in 23rd place. So and, and, and it took me and I hadn't been planning. It took me in that race. It wasn't taken seriously. Took me 15 ks to from there to the end from 20 seconds to finish seventh. So I turned the boy like one and a half minutes already behind the front guy and I finished one minute 40 behind the front guy at the end. So they didn't take any time and effect. And I've caught obviously all the guys in front of me. So I know. And it's interesting to see the older you get, you really are strong tools and much stronger than these kids. So you just catch everybody. So it's quite fun. And most of them fix their, their mind.

Speaker 1:12:04When you ever taken the images, get so inspired. When you pass it, you're like, it just makes it a bit. Okay. The next one I want to go. There's the next one. I mean it's interesting and it's a famous saying when are racing Grind Kenny? Classically every year, every monitor as I got fibrillin wise, I never went through, but I've always just to catch them at the end. And I used to make sure I served right up to them. And if there's dean or an l, remember that say, Hey gee, she's depending. Well keep it up. That's all I had to say. And invariably that's just, it just caught me and I just that. And the hardest race I head on before winning the my twelfth was against deep and I can and he had his best finish and I don't know, I'm very clear about those things that I couldn't get them to actually say dingy depending.

Speaker 1:12:53Well, well pedaled, I couldn't get to him and he just stayed there the whole time. He was like a neck and neck race and D and Clint Robinson ended up coming second. But he was a dean because I know that shows you how people have fragile people's mental status. When you super tight, you're coming to the end and somebody comes up to you or you think it's fresh meat. I'm completely exhausted. Just say, hey penny, well keep it up. And then you just go boss. Because I mean that is like we killed them. They killed it. And it was amazing. I always used to do that and they used to fall back. If I learned that one year I didn't get to Dean and [inaudible] never forget. I was trying to get there to like say, hey, you're feeling well. And I was fairly good and I couldn't get it.

Speaker 1:13:32You stay there and it was like a neck and neck race, whole other other times they've basically. It's interesting also the small goals. Yeah, you got to tickle these goals, have to get the big executive and that's about life. I mean, I'm a very goal orientated person. I mean the end of the day from when I was in insurance and investments, I used to be every Sunday, make my goals for the day, the week, the month, every, every January. I said, I said my goal is for everything and say this is what I want to be. Because again, the old stories that everybody says, oh, how do you build a really strong house where you have a good foundation? As mentioned means nothing. It's about the plants and that's a. it's always about the plans or I like to book my things way in advance and not just the flavor, so if I know I'm going away, I'll book my tickets now and I'm going to go that day, that day and other people are good last minute.

Speaker 1:14:22So those kinds of things I think help to make your life much easier. So you don't have to stress to say, I mean it's interesting, every time I go to the airport you can imagine and I said, no, you haven't got a valid visa, you can va. And I just said, I'm not at no stage and my wife probably do the warning for me like it won't. I sAid, all right, okay. Let me sort it out on the plane. dIdn't worry about that, don't worry about it. And everything just works out because again, worry doesn't help me one bit. Just sit there and then I've got another flat stayed in Singapore. Actually alternate perfectly. Say if I'd wasted my energy on it, what do I absolutely perfect just as well. I'm here. I'm happy. I've had a good night's rest ready for the doctor. any final thoughts on insurance?

Speaker 1:15:09Anthony's? For older people? Yes. I think as you get older I think it's quite nice to read a lot more because you normally got more time and read a lot of interesting books, but take out what you want and I've really, really enjoyed this full methadone. We're not draining because I was one of those people. I was just like, am flat out. I was about a better viewer, something I guarantee I was trying to be doing something. I remember in huntington beach. Let me tell you, I was trying to beat, even though it wasn't the summer, I was trying to be pulled and say, well, you know, that and I made and I again, I used to keep up with simon. Great. And you, you guys is sometimes symborski how is to be hanging on with the foster center because I'm. Yeah, exactly. That's what I effect out.

Speaker 1:15:52But now with this new training makers, it hasn't made me go slow and then faster and I think which is better for us as we get older, is not to push our body. So then again, I don't feel old. I don't, uh, I don't think I'm off my best. I still think I can win top races, given the right conditions. And again, I don't, don't train as hard because I only do technique and downloads, so don't actually train as hard as I probably could even be better if I actually said, okay, this year limited power train a little harder. So I do math, I don't even do basis. I do. His recent high pedals I do is racing, so I don't actually, we're not cycle a cycle in math when I run out right when I assume probably soon as the hardest thing to do.

Speaker 1:16:34The kids in the pool after 50 fly and off I go and I for that, if there's only time I'll go for that because people, when you're doing fast after that find monitor my heart. So then I just go flat out. So again, I think, I think as you get older you just got to get wiser, wiser. But was it. But again, why is it not worrying? And then also you see the five p's, the work planning prevents poor performance, you know, you know, and that's important to stick with this day and age. Is there anything, and this is wrong and they don't know how to start. They don't practice. This starts. I mean it was weekend, some guy's been erratic because it never had a beach. Starts sending the waves of it and they got to the boat too early. Then ratio though. So the first thing you do is you must learn how to get onto the beach, onto the is how the starts going to be. This is what you must practice. And again, so that's practice what you preach and I think that had a good innings and I don't think it's ending lucky. 60. I can be. You can be 60 and stiLl winning the races. Yeah. Fantastic talking to you. Thank you. Thank you.

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